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After a week-long break for finals, Washington State hosted the Waves on Sunday night for a non-conference matchup. The Waves struggled in the first half as sophomore Stacy Davis picked up two early fouls and the team committed 12 turnovers. At the end of the period the Cougars led the Waves 41-26.

Pepperdine improved in the second half and managed to get the deficit down to seven points, but ultimately fell short to the Cougars, 78-61.  Freshman Jeremy Major was the Waves' highest-scoring player of the game, contributing 17 points, 15 of which were made in the second half.

"In the first half Washington State had a great offensive energy. Their pressure made us pretty timid, and they had a really strong post presence," Major said. "In the second half we came out a lot more aggressive, and were able to keep our turnovers down. In the first half we had 12 turnovers that allowed the Cougars to score 13 points. Overall, we just have to keep improving on our rebounds, defense and offensive execution."

As a freshman, Major is playing a very important role in the team's success this season, and hopes to continue improving and learning how to be a more effective communicator on the court.

Said Major: "I don't see the pressure of being a leader as a burden, I enjoy it. I take on the challenge and always look to my teammates and coaches for support and encouragement. In the first half I wasn't being vocal enough, and my teammates told me I needed to pick it up. I came back in the second half with a lot more energy and really made sure that I was being as vocal as possible. Reviewing film with Coach Wilson and Coach Moore has really helped me pinpoint what my weaknesses are, and in what areas specifically I need to improve."

The Waves will play their final non-conference game on Saturday (Dec. 21). Pepperdine will host Houston Baptist at 1 p.m. and a live stream of the game will be available via Wavecasts at Be sure to follow @PeppBasketball on Twitter for live game updates and more information about the 2013-14 season.

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