WOMEN: Meet Sophomore Keitra Wallace

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Keitra Wallace, a sophomore guard/forward, has been stepping up for the Waves game after game.  Wallace averages 13.0 points a game and most recently picked up 10 points against Northern Arizona. Wallace also led the team against NAU with eight rebounds on the night.

Q: How do you feel about Coach Weisenberg calling you a team leader?

A: I feel honored that my coach looks at me as a leader. I know it takes a lot for coaches to trust their players sometimes, so it feels good to know that he trusts me to help lead this team. 

Q: Does that trust/responsibility bring any additional pressure?

A: Being put in this position doesn't exactly translate as pressure to me. I've been in this position on almost every team I've played on, and to me, it's more of a sense of responsibility and wanting to do whatever the team needs. I feel more at ease because I know what is expected of me. 

Q: It seems as though Bria Richardson, Ea Shoushtari and yourself are playing very smoothly together this season. What do you think is the reason for that cohesion?

A: I think Bria, Ea and I know that we have to play well in order to put the team in good positions for success. There is a lot that is on our plates but I think we know that we are capable of doing big things. Defensively, we have to keep learning to work together and get the best out of each other. Offensively, we are unselfish. Whoever is open is who gets the ball and takes the shot. I believe we trust each other to do the right thing in the right moment and I think the key is we don't compete with each other on who scores the most.

Q: What are your plans for Christmas?

A: Christmas plans for me are just being with my family, resting my body and getting my hair done. Oh, and eating good home-cooked meals!

Q: Are you excited about your classes next semester?

A: I'm excited about my American history class. History is my favorite subject so I'm excited about that. I will be taking my second Spanish class and a theory class and those should be interesting as well.

Q: If you could challenge one Pepperdine staff/faculty member to a game on the court who would it be and why?

A: If I had to challenge someone on the staff it would have to be (assistant) Coach Jordan (Adams-Smith). She is a legit player and a beast in the post. Watching her is amazing and I would like to see if I could handle playing defense against her.

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