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With only eight games remaining in regular-season play, Pepperdine (12-10, 5-5 WCC) currently stands fifth in the West Coast Conference. The Waves will play the next three games at home at Firestone Fieldhouse, beginning on Saturday (Feb. 1) against rival Loyola Marymount in a Wells Fargo PCH Cup matchup at 3 p.m.

Sophomore forward Stacy Davis and freshman guard Jeremy Major discuss their thoughts on the season thus far, and what they are looking forward to as WCC play continues:

Q: With less than 10 regular-season games remaining, what is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far?

Stacy: As a team, we really need to bring our 'A' game every night. In league play, this season especially, we've seen how every team is capable of pulling out a surprise win. We've had to learn that it's not just the top-ranked teams we need to worry about, but every single team in our conference is capable of beating one another, so constantly being prepared for every single game is essential.

Jeremy: I've learned that the game becomes as easy as you make it. Watching film has allowed the team to see what we need to improve on and further our overall consistency. At the beginning of the season I was nervous because I'm a freshman and really did not know what to expect in college play. I found that after reviewing film from the Great Alaska Shootout I have been very at ease with myself and am comfortable because I know where I excel and what I need to improve on. I knew that from that point on my comfort level was only going to get better as the season continued.

Q: In regards to your personal performance, what is one aspect you hope to improve on?

Stacy: I need to be more consistent in how hard I play both sides. The other day Coach (Bryant) Moore showed me my stats from the season so far, and physically looking at the numbers made me realize that I am capable of so much more. I recognize that I've been inconsistent in games; one game I will play really strong defense but poor offense, others I will be strong offensively and weak defensively. It's just a matter of being a steady player and playing to my full ability all times. I kept the piece of paper with my stats and I look at it every day as a reminder of my current standing, and view it as motivation to improve.

Jeremy: Personally, I need to work on being a better decision maker. I've found that sometimes I get too into the game and miss critical passing opportunities. After watching game film, I really get to see how I am on the court and specifically where I am weak. Decision-making is the area I feel I need to improve the most, and making sure that I have a clear mind on the court is going to be the key to success for me.

Q: Coming off of two losses against Saint Mary's and Pacific, what is your mindset like as you prepare for Saturday's game against LMU?

Stacy: Go hard. Saturday is a much-needed win, and we really need to come together and play hard consistently through both periods. There's eight games left in league play, and that's a lot of time for improvement. Our team really needs to capitalize on the fact that we are aware of our weaknesses, and correct our errors from previous games. We really just need to battle hard the rest of the season and be consistent.

Jeremy: LMU is definitely a must win for us, especially after going 0-2 on the road. We are really focused, and have a big home stretch coming up that we need to be mentally prepared for. When we play well defensively and rebound well, we can't be stopped,

Q: What has been your most memorable game, and why?

Stacy: When we played San Diego; and not just because of my career high (28 points), but because I had family and a former coach in attendance as well. That was a game where we were down, and I remember being on the court thinking about how I needed to step up and start making plays, and I ultimately was able to help lead the team to a victory. My role in the team's success in that game specifically is a memory that I really cherish.

Jeremy: The BYU game at home has definitely been the most memorable and was an extremely eye-opening game coming into conference play. BYU is an extremely consistent team, and the fact that we were able to beat them proved to the team that we possess something very special as a group. I felt that this game was proof that we can play against any team, regardless of age and maturity, because success is all about confidence, aggressiveness, and playing with heart.

Q: What is the most valuable advice you have received from one of the coaches?

Stacy: I was talking with Coach Moore recently and he described his experience working with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and how he had the ability to watch players like LeBron James mature and grow on the court. The thought really stuck with me. Our coaches and team staff all have countless years of experience in the sport, so it would be foolish to not utilize their advice and mentorship. Pepperdine is lucky to have such a wonderful staff, and as players we should really take advantage of everything they have to offer.

Jeremy: Coach Moore often says: "The separation is in the preparation." I really like this quote because it encourages me to stand out and be the best that I can be; but in order to do that, I must be aware of my weaknesses and do what needs to be done to improve. Whether that means watching film or going to the gym, I need to be prepared at all times so when game time comes, I know that I'm ready.

Saturday's 3 p.m. Wells Fargo PCH Cup matchup against LMU can be seen locally on Time Warner Cable SportsNet, while there will also be a free audio broadcast via WaveCasts at PepperdineSports.com with Al Epstein on the call.

It was a tough two-game road trip over the weekend for the Waves, who suffered losses against both Saint Mary's and Pacific. In Saturday evening's (Jan. 25) matchup against the Tigers, a 76-66 loss and the first WCC contest between the two teams since UOP left the conference in 1971, Malcolm Brooks and Stacy Davis each had 12 points, followed by Amadi Udenyi with 11 points, and Brendan Lane with nine points.

Bay Area native and freshman guard Udenyi described the road trip: "At Pacific, we definitely had times of high energy and strong defense, but overall we were unable to stay consistent. Especially on the road, it's essential for the team to make sure we are on our A-game at all times, and on top of our defense. The Tigers are an older, more mature team, so that was one of the biggest challenges we had to face.

"I enjoy our games up north, I have my family and friends who come and support me, and this trip I even had the opportunity to play against some of my former teammates from high school. It was a tough road trip for us, but we are going to come back next game feeling stronger both mentally and physically, and we are looking forward to our improvement."

Beginning on Saturday (Feb. 1), the Waves will play five of their remaining eight games at home, starting with a Wells Fargo PCH Cup contest against the Loyola Marymount Lions at 3 p.m. Time Warner Cable SportsNet will televise the game locally, and live audio commentary by Al Epstein will be available via WaveCasts at www.pepperdinesports.com.

The Waves traveled to Northern California for a Thursday evening matchup at Saint Mary's in Moraga. Pepperdine now has a season record of 12-9 and a West Coast Conference record of 5-4, currently tying their most wins overall and in WCC play over the last nine years. Unfortunately, the Waves were unable to add to the total at McKeon Pavilion, falling short to the Gaels, 80-74.

The starters for the Waves remained the same for the third consecutive game: Jeremy Major, Amadi Udenyi, Malcolm Brooks, Stacy Davis and Brendan Lane. Lane led the Waves in points with 18 points. Brooks had 11, followed by Jeremy Major and Austin Mills with 10 points each.

Mills, a sophomore point guard, played aggressively throughout his 14 minutes on the court, and tied his career high of 10 points.

"I just feel like I need to step up, especially given the amount of injuries our team has had this season," Mills said. "I need to be reliable under pressure, and be able to perform well during crunch time so I can make as many plays as possible."

In regards to the team's performance against the Gaels, Mills said: "The team fought really hard to the end, and we performed better as a team defensively in the second half. Unfortunately, we would come close to securing a lead, but we were unable to really get into a steady rhythm. Luckily, the team seems to be pretty comfortable now with the crowds, so a lot of the focus is not so much on keeping our heads in the game, but rather making sure that we can regain control of the tempo, and know when to start picking things up and slowing things down."

Continuing their northern California trip, Pepperdine will face the University of the Pacific on Saturday (Jan. 25) at 7 p.m. The Waves have not played the Tigers in the WCC since they left the conference in 1971. TheW.tv will televise the game for free, and there will also be a free audio broadcast via WaveCasts at PepperdineSports.com with Al Epstein on the call.

WOMEN: Weisenberg on Injuries, Tonight's Portland Game

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Women's basketball coach Ryan Weisenberg answered some questions about the season now that West Coast Conference play is nearing the midway point.

Q: Can you discuss the impact that injuries are having on the team and season?

A: The biggest impact is that we just can't practice as intensely and focused as we want to. We've been down to six players when we were on the road and eight when we are home. The shifting of the lineups is also difficult. We were getting into a nice rhythm with the lineup and then Allie (Green) went out, and then Bria (Richardson) went out, and now Keitra (Wallace) is out, and potentially Amanda (Lovely) could be out.

We are shuffling and putting people in different positions, and rushing Jaya Shultz to play bigger minutes than we wanted her to play this year. We want her to be able to get into a system and figure it out. But the team is stepping up and taking advantage of the opportunity and taking advantage of the minutes given to them."

Last Wednesday night in Moraga all the coaches were practicing. It is fun watching the coaches go because we are ultra-competitive and it steps the intensity up of practice and the girls responded really well. Then losing Bria a minute into the game at Saint Mary's, against one of the best teams in the WCC, was a shock. But practice-wise, coaches came out and practiced again on Friday, and now I am on the injured reserve with everyone else.

Q: If some of the team's top scorers are how, how important is it for players like Grace Leah Baughn and Ea Shoushtari to be stepping up?

A: It is critical for Ea to be stepping up because she now takes the point guard role, she also takes on a little more of the scoring burden. Defenses can key in on her so that is a hurdle. Grace, Kelsey Brockway and Jaya Shultz need to start taking shots when given the opportunity.

Q: What have been you working on this week to prepare for Portland?

A: "We actually gave them two days off. We wanted everyone to rest and get their legs under them and clear their minds a little bit. The game plan is done and we started implementing it Tuesday in practice.  Thankfully we have male practice players that will come in and the coaches will suit up and we will try to replicate what Portland does. They are a very good team, they are very up and down, they beat San Diego at home, but then lost to Santa Clara, so you don't know what team is going to show up.  But, they are very well coached and when they are hitting their shots they are a very tough team to beat.

Q: How important is it for morale to get that sixth win and show this team is different than last season?

A: I think they really got disappointed because we have missed some opportunities that we felt could have given us that sixth win, like San Francisco.  We thought we had a really good chance against LMU.  When we go back and look at things, we lose by three points to UCLA and two points to Oregon.  The goal was to get 10 wins and there is still a chance we can get that. This league has shown that the top teams can be beaten.

For the fans, it is really important that they watch these girls compete. Against Pacific everyone thought we were going to be blown out of the water by 50 points but we were right in there until the last few minutes. Against Saint Mary's, the shock of losing Bria, who is our top scorer, a minute into the game dug us into a really huge hole, but to come back and win the second half really shows the mentality of these girls and where this program has come from.

We always harp on things like, we don't rebound enough, or, we need more defense, but then you look at our numbers compared to last year, which we don't do enough. We are almost 12-plus in the rebounding category from last year and our scoring is almost 15 or 18 points up. Because of the losses, I don't think we are looking at the smaller successes that are going to really translate when the WCC Tournament starts and next year when we get our first recruiting class in and everyone is healthy.

After a Thursday night loss to Gonzaga, the Waves (12-8, 5-3) came back stronger than ever with a 76-65 win over Portland (11-8, 3-4) on Saturday evening.

The Waves got off to a slow start in the first 20 minutes of the game and trailed the Pilots by four going into the second half. But the team's reserve players scored 32 of the Waves' 76 points, and true freshman Lamond Murray Jr. played an essential role for the team in the victory.

Not only was Murray the top-scoring Wave, but he also achieved career highs of 16 points and eight rebounds.

Following Murray in total points scored were Stacy Davis with 14, Malcolm Brooks with 13 and freshman Jeremy Major with 11. Sophomore Atif Russell went 2-for-3 for both field goals and free throws and contributed six points. Senior Nikolas Skouen drained an impressive three-pointer in the second half and went 2-for-3 on field goal attempts, contributing a total of five points.

"The team really stepped up tonight," Murray said. "The coaches have been encouraging me a lot lately, helping me focus on defense and rebounding, so I really just went out there tonight and gave it my all. After our game against Gonzaga, it was really important for us to come out aggressive and confident and play smart. As the season progresses the team's chemistry is continuing to improve, we just keep getting closer and closer. At end of the day, we all want to achieve the same goal of finishing at the top, and as a team, we are all willing to make the sacrifices necessary to get there."

Pepperdine will travel to the Bay Area for a Thursday (Jan. 23) matchup at Saint Mary's (14-5, 4-2) in Moraga, followed by a Saturday (Jan. 25) game at the University of the Pacific (10-7, 1-5). Both games will begin at 7 p.m. and be televised by TheW.tv. Additional audio-only commentary by Al Epstein will be available via WaveCasts for both games.

More than 3,000 fans gathered in Firestone Fieldhouse on Thursday evening to watch the first-place showdown between Pepperdine and Gonzaga. The Waves (11-8, 4-3) began the game with high energy and led the Bulldogs by five points early, but Gonzaga (15-3, 5-1) had a change of pace later in the first half.

Pepperdine suffered a 70-53 defeat, and is now tied with San Francisco (11-8, 4-3) for fourth place in the West Coast Conference.

Pepperdine's field goal percentage was just over 32%, and the Waves went 15-for-24 from the line with 16 turnovers. Sophomore forward Stacy Davis was the only Wave to score in double-figures and he led the team with 12 points. Junior Malcolm Brooks followed with eight points, while senior forward Brendan Lane fouled out of the game late in the second half after having scored a total of seven points.

Freshman Jeremy Major said: "In the beginning we had a lot of energy and came out strong. Gonzaga went on a 15-0 run, and made three three-pointers in a row, and we just started playing catch up from there. As a team, we were never able to get into our rhythm, and it was a bad day to not have a good game. Offensively we struggled, we really weren't able to make shots, and defensively Gonzaga really had us. The game is over now, and tomorrow is a new day with a new beginning. We have suffered from this loss as a team, and it is important that we all stick together, learn from our mistakes, and go into Saturday's game against Portland with a clear mind and a positive attitude."

Pepperdine will host Portland (11-7, 3-3) on Saturday (Jan.18) at 5 p.m. The game will be shown for free online with Al Epstein's commentary and will be available to watch via WaveCasts.

WOMEN: Wallace on Saturday's PCH Cup Loss

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The Pepperdine women's basketball team fell on Saturday, 76-64, to PCH Cup rival Loyola Marymount.  The Waves, who normally come out of the locker room vigorously, were unable to capture a lead in the second half of the matchup.

On constantly fighting from behind, junior Keitra Wallace (who had 17 points on the night), said: "It's frustrating because I feel like LMU is good competition, but we can play with them and we didn't show up the second half."

Pepperdine Coach Ryan Weisenberg's big push this season is rebounding, both offensively and defensively, but on Saturday the Waves fell short. Shooting on the night was low (38.9%) and Pepperdine struggled to cash in on second-opportunity plays.

Wallace said that when Pepperdine travels down the road on February 1 for the rematch, rebounding must be a priority.

"We have to focus on rebounding," she said. "I feel like we gave up too many offensive rebounds and we just played with a lack of passion and that didn't help us."

In the first half Pepperdine was in the double-bonus with eight minutes remaining but struggled with free throws, making only 16 of 27.  Wallace, who spent significant time on the line, made six of her eight attempts.

"In regard to both teams, great defense was not being played because every other possession the opposite team was on the free throw line," she said. "As a team we need to figure out how to stop people before contact happens so we do not get called for a foul."

The Waves next take on Saint Mary's in Moraga, Calif., on Thursday (Jan 16) at 6 p.m.

Pepperdine defeated the University of San Diego in their second matchup of the conference season on Saturday night. The Waves earned their first regular-season sweep of the Toreros since 2011, and the 69-65 road win improved the Waves to 11-7 overall and 4-2 in West Coast Conference play.

Starting for the Waves were Brendan Lane, Stacy Davis, Jeremy Major, Lamond Murray Jr. and Amadi Udenyi. After the absences of Lane, Malcolm Brooks and Nikolas Skouen in Thursday's contest at BYU, all three players were able to return Saturday.

Davis finished with a career-high 28 points and 10 rebounds for his fifth double-double of the season, and was the game's top-scoring player. Davis went 8-for-15 for field goals and 11-for-11 from the free throw line. Eleven straight points by Davis late in the second half put the Waves just one point behind the Toreros with four minutes left in the game.

Said Davis: "Going into the game I really focused on wanting to play aggressively. I wanted to try to make the defense collapse to enable us to secure good shots. It was a really close game at times, and there was a certain point in the game when I told myself that I was not going to let the team lose, and that we were going to come out with the W."

In addition to Davis' 28 points, Major contributed an additional 12 points and five assists, Brooks had nine points and Lane had eight points and five rebounds.

The Waves are currently tied with San Francisco for second place in WCC play.

"The team is feeling good," Davis said. "The losses against San Francisco and BYU have been good learning experiences for us as a whole and we look at those defeats as motivation. We know what we need to do in order to be successful. We have more players coming up from off the bench and getting playing time. As a team our level of motivation has definitely increased and we are definitely going to be fighting for first place."

Pepperdine will host Gonzaga (14-3, 4-1) on Thursday (Jan. 16) at 7 p.m. and Portland (10-7, 2-3) on Saturday (Jan. 18) at 5 p.m. The Gonzaga game will be televised on Time Warner Cable SportsNet and there will be an audio-only broadcast at PepperdineSports.com. The Portland game will be shown online via WaveCasts at PepperdineSports.com.

WOMEN: Previewing Today's LMU Game

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In a Wells Fargo PCH Cup matchup, the Peppperdine women's basketball team (5-10, 1-3) takes on Loyola Marymount (3-12, 0-4) this afternoon at 2 p.m. in Firestone Fieldhouse in Malibu to finish out a three-game homestand.

Pepperdine is coming off a week-long break since splitting two home games against Santa Clara and San Francisco and head coach Ryan Weisenberg says they have used that time to "get healthy and 100 percent on the same page both offensively and defensively."

The Waves have been struggling with consistency in their play. They had four players -- Bria Richardson (44), Allie Green (24), Ea Shoushtari (12) and Keitra Wallace (10) -- score double-digit points in the win against Santa Clara and only two in the loss to San Francisco -- Green (13) and Richardson (12).

Said Weisenberg: "The disparity is a tough one -- we distributed the ball better against Santa Clara and we rushed a number of shots against USF. As a coach, it's frustrating to watch the team play so hard and take a major step forward and then come out and lay an egg against USF."

The Waves are rested and ready to compete. In many of the games the team has made second-half surges for huge points. With WCC Player of the Week Richardson, Green and Wallace playing 30+ minutes per game, Weisenberg gives credit by saying: "the team's energy is a direct result of our strength and conditioning coach Jamie Faro -- she is one of the best."

Fans should expect that energy to hold strong this evening.  And according to Weisenberg, they should look forward to "a hard-fought game that will go down to the wire. This is a great rivalry and they took it to us last year. We need to repay them for that."

A commendable effort was put forth by the Waves on Thursday night, as they played their second matchup of the West Coast Conference season against BYU in Provo. Unfortunately, the team was unable to overcome the Cougars with a final score of 84-72.

Just prior to the contest, the team announced that senior forward Brendan Lane and junior guard Malcolm Brooks would not suit up for the game due to injuries, and senior Nikolas Skouen was also out due to illness. Lane and Brooks have been starters for all of the previous 16 games this season, and have been the highest-scoring players for the team in conference play.

The absence of the three players in Thursday's game forced the Waves to rely more heavily on sophomore Stacy Davis, and presented younger players like David Jesperson and Jonathan Allen with more playing opportunities.

The starting lineup for the Waves featured Stacy Davis, Jeremy Major, Malte Kramer, Jett Raines and Lamond Murray Jr. Davis led the team with 17 points, followed by Murray, who made his starting lineup debut with 14 points, and Major with 12 points.

"We felt pressure immediately in the game, beginning with the jump ball," Murray said. "The team knew that we really needed to step up and fill up holes on the court since Brendan Lane was not there to block shots or rebound. Not having Brooks or Brendan on the court made it easier for BYU to score, especially Haws."

Also contributing to the intimidation factor was the large amount of fans - 14,012 - in the Marriott Center.

"The crowd definitely got to us a lot in the beginning of the game, because we aren't really used to having such a large number of opposing fans knowing our names and trying to distract us," Murray said.

According to Major: "Not having Brendan's post presence, and his ability to get rebounds, was definitely a challenge for the team. Malcolm's ability to create his own shots, and be a consistent three-point shooter was also another component of the game that definitely would have allowed us to perform more aggressively. Jeff Van Dyke and David Jesperson had solid games, and having more playing time than usual was an adjustment for them; but ultimately we played hard and fought hard, but the win got away from us."

The Waves will travel to San Diego for the last of a stretch of four straight road games on Saturday (Jan. 11) at 6 p.m. There will be an audio-only WaveCast with Al Epstein at www.pepperdinesports.com. The game will be shown on FOX Sports San Diego and Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, and for out-of-market viewers on TheW.tv.

MEN: BYU Pregame Injury Update

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Brendan Lane (knee), Malcolm Brooks (ankle) and Nikolas Skouen (illness) are OUT for tonight's Pepperdine men's basketball game at BYU.

Lane had his knee checked by doctors this week after feeling pain following Saturday's game at San Francisco. Lane saw limited practice on Wednesday, but participated in today's shootaround. Coaches and athletic training staff have decided it is best to sit him out tonight as a precaution against further injury to the knee.

Brooks suffered a sprained ankle late in the first half of Saturday's game at San Francisco. He also saw limited practice this week and in today's shootaround and it was decided that his ankle had not healed enough to play tonight.

Lane and Brooks are the Waves' top two scorers in West Coast Conference play. Over the past four games, Lane is averaging 17.0 points (tied for fifth in the conference in WCC games) and Brooks is averaging 15.8 (ninth). Both players were in the starting lineup for all previous 16 games this season.

Skouen became sick earlier today and did not attend the Waves' shootaround.

Pepperdine's active roster tonight will include one senior, four sophomores and six freshmen.

It is hoped that Lane, Brooks and Skouen will all be available for Saturday's game at San Diego.

WOMEN: Meet Assistant Coach Mallorie Winn

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Women's basketball assistant coach Mallorie Winn joined Pepperdine in July of 2013. Winn both coached and played at Pittsburgh, where she was not only a standout player, but also helped to secure a top-20 recruiting class in her first season coaching with the Panthers.

Q. What drew you to Pepperdine?

A: From a coaching perspective, I was drawn to Pepperdine because it is truly a unique university with a huge potential to draw talented student-athletes from all over the country. You can meet a stranger in New York, Minneapolis or Dallas and the minute you say "Pepperdine" their face lights up. I also believe it is the kind of university that draws players who are truly committed to the mission of college athletics. 

Q: How has the team influenced you since you began this position?

A: This team has surprised me. They have an ability to make the changes necessary to win but struggle with consistency. They have taught me that the only way for me, as a coach, to address inconsistency, is to be specific and demanding.

Q: What is your main role on staff? 

A: My primary role is to bring Coach Ryan (Weisenberg) his coffee in the morning, pick up his dry cleaning and laugh at his jokes. Ha ha, just kidding! A little humor. I think Coach Ryan believed I could make an impact in the area of recruiting and felt I could help develop our guards. I see these as my primary responsibilities.

Q: How has basketball impacted your life?

A: Basketball is an amazing tool! Basketball has helped me to understand that the physical and mental boundaries we live with can be broken. There was no greater feeling as a student-athlete than making your timed mile, surpassing your previous marks in the weight room, or telling your coach you don't need a sub at the end of the game, sending the message they could rely on you to finish. There are little victories every day that squash self-doubt and give you a sense of confidence that you carry for the rest of your life.

Q: What are your personal goals as a coach?

A: My personal goals are to be a disciplined, well-thought-out, demanding, positive, fun, tough, loving and critical coach. 

Q: Allie Green stated that if she could challenge any staff member at Pepperdine on the court it would be you. How do you feel about that? And what would be your strategy to ensure you win a game of 21?

A: I am aware that Allie has so naively proclaimed, in a public document, that she would like to challenge me on the court. I admire Allie's confidence and believe it will make her one of the toughest players to contain in the WCC. However, this is a typical freshman mistake. I don't care what game we decide to play -- she will not score a point.

The Waves fell short to San Francisco on Saturday, ending their three-game winning streak in West Coast Conference play. Pepperdine (10-6, 3-1) was strong in the first half and led San Francisco 27-19 at halftime. The Waves excelled defensively in the first half and only allowed the Dons to make three shots in the team's first 18 attempts.

But with less than a minute left in the first half, junior guard Malcolm Brooks turned an ankle and did not return after halftime. Brooks scored eight points on 4-for-4 for shooting and played a critical role for the team in the first 20 minutes of the game. Senior forward Brendan Lane led the team with 13 points, Jeremy Major had 12 points and senior forward Malte Kramer had 9 points.

Kramer had 14 minutes of game play in Saturday's contest, and went 3-for-5 for three-pointers.

Reflecting on the game, Kramer said: "We defended very well in the first half. In the second half San Francisco turned it up a lot, and kept us out of our offensive rhythm. Defensively we did not manage to keep them off the glass, which ultimately made the difference. Malcolm's injury at the end of the first half affected us. He's a great defender and can create off the dribble."

Pepperdine has two games remaining in its four-game road stretch, competing at BYU on Thursday (Jan. 9) at 7 p.m. MT/6 p.m. PT, and San Diego on Saturday (Jan. 11) at 6 p.m. Audio-only WaveCasts will be available for both games on www.pepperdinesports.com with commentary by Al Epstein. Thursday's matchup will be shown on BYUtv and the San Diego game will be available on FOX Sports San Diego and TheW.tv.

After two victories over San Diego and BYU last weekend, the Waves (10-5, 3-0) continued their winning streak on Thursday night (Jan. 2) with a 70-61 victory over Santa Clara. Pepperdine and Gonzaga are the only teams in the West Coast Conference who are currently undefeated in league play.

Brendan Lane contributed an impressive 26 points and 17 rebounds against the Broncos, tying his career high for points and setting a new career high in rebounds.

"(My performance) felt good," Lane said. "Especially coming off of the BYU game, it felt really good coming out with the win tonight. League play really has the team confident and excited, and we realize that this is the meat of the season that counts so everyone is really looking forward to it."

Jeremy Major finished with 11 points, seven rebounds and seven assists, junior guard Malcolm Brooks scored 11 points and made three of four three-pointers, and Atif Russell scored a season-high eight points.

Brooks, the current WCC Player of the Week, described the victory: "It was a great win for our team. The fact that we still remain undefeated is a great accomplishment so far and we hope that we can continue being dominant as the season continues. League play has really allowed our team's energy levels to increase and has positively influenced the team's overall performance." 

On Saturday (Jan. 4), Pepperdine will play their second of four consecutive road games, at San Francisco at 1 p.m. Time Warner Cable SportsNet will televise the game locally, and an audio-only WaveCast with Al Epstein will be available at www.pepperdinesports.com.


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