WOMEN: Meet Assistant Coach Mallorie Winn

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Women's basketball assistant coach Mallorie Winn joined Pepperdine in July of 2013. Winn both coached and played at Pittsburgh, where she was not only a standout player, but also helped to secure a top-20 recruiting class in her first season coaching with the Panthers.

Q. What drew you to Pepperdine?

A: From a coaching perspective, I was drawn to Pepperdine because it is truly a unique university with a huge potential to draw talented student-athletes from all over the country. You can meet a stranger in New York, Minneapolis or Dallas and the minute you say "Pepperdine" their face lights up. I also believe it is the kind of university that draws players who are truly committed to the mission of college athletics. 

Q: How has the team influenced you since you began this position?

A: This team has surprised me. They have an ability to make the changes necessary to win but struggle with consistency. They have taught me that the only way for me, as a coach, to address inconsistency, is to be specific and demanding.

Q: What is your main role on staff? 

A: My primary role is to bring Coach Ryan (Weisenberg) his coffee in the morning, pick up his dry cleaning and laugh at his jokes. Ha ha, just kidding! A little humor. I think Coach Ryan believed I could make an impact in the area of recruiting and felt I could help develop our guards. I see these as my primary responsibilities.

Q: How has basketball impacted your life?

A: Basketball is an amazing tool! Basketball has helped me to understand that the physical and mental boundaries we live with can be broken. There was no greater feeling as a student-athlete than making your timed mile, surpassing your previous marks in the weight room, or telling your coach you don't need a sub at the end of the game, sending the message they could rely on you to finish. There are little victories every day that squash self-doubt and give you a sense of confidence that you carry for the rest of your life.

Q: What are your personal goals as a coach?

A: My personal goals are to be a disciplined, well-thought-out, demanding, positive, fun, tough, loving and critical coach. 

Q: Allie Green stated that if she could challenge any staff member at Pepperdine on the court it would be you. How do you feel about that? And what would be your strategy to ensure you win a game of 21?

A: I am aware that Allie has so naively proclaimed, in a public document, that she would like to challenge me on the court. I admire Allie's confidence and believe it will make her one of the toughest players to contain in the WCC. However, this is a typical freshman mistake. I don't care what game we decide to play -- she will not score a point.

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