Men's Volleyball Q&A: Tommy Carmody

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Redshirt senior Tommy Carmody now plays for Pepperdine after the University of the Pacific ended its men's volleyball program. He is working towards his master's degree in global business. Carmody graduated from Pacific in 2015 with an undergraduate degree in engineering management. During his time at Pacific, he lettered three seasons and earned All-MPSF honorable mention in 2014.
Tommy  Carmody

Q: After Pacific cut the men's volleyball program, did you think you would play again?

A: Yes, I was sure I was going to play again.  I just was not sure when or where.

Q: What sparked your interest in Pepperdine?

A: Initially when I was being recruited in high school I really liked Pepperdine, but they did not have an engineering program so I decided on Pacific. This was another chance to be able to play here.

Q: How did you get connected to Pepperdine?

A: I was recruited here back in high school, so I knew Marv (Dunphy) and David (Hunt) somewhat. I sent an email to Marv to get reconnected about the possibility of coming to Pepperdine.

Q: How much time did you take off in between programs? What was it like to come back and compete again at such a high level?

A: All time taken into consideration, it was a little more than one and half years without being in a men's volleyball program. It was a great feeling coming back and being able to compete at such a high level and having a couple weeks to get back in the swing of things.

Q: Has it been difficult to transition between coaching styles?

A: It's been really easy. Marv, David, and Sean (Rooney) are really great coaches to be able to have, and they have a coaching style that really works well with me.

Q: What was your first impression when you met the Pepperdine coaches?

A: The first time I met the coaches was way back when I was 17 so I'm not too sure, but I was probably pretty excited about the possibility of playing here for them.

Q: How has the time on the court been for you so far?

A: The time has been good. I really enjoy all the guys on the team, being able to play with them every day and being able to learn from such a great coaching staff. 

Q: You're currently leading the MPSF in blocks. Do you ever look into rankings or your stats to fuel you for the game?

A: Not really, it's something that comes up but not something I go after in games. I'm there to better the team and win some games however I can.

Q: You're getting your master's in global business. How does graduate coursework compare to undergrad?

A: The coursework is a lot different. The classes are in four-hour blocks that happen once a week as opposed to multiple times per week for shorter intervals. It's a faster pace of learning.

Q: How is it going to grad school and still competing in college athletics?

A: The class schedule is a little more inflexible, so there is a little more time constraint with practice and class. There's a lot more time spent outside of class learning, but with good time management it's very possible to get everything done efficiently.

Q: What's your favorite memory so far with the Pepperdine team?

A: My favorite memory so far on the court has to be playing against UC Irvine and battling to win the first set.

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