M&W Volleyball Q&A: Heidi & Noah Dyer

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It's all in the family! This year, Pepperdine became home to not one, but two members of the Dyer family. Heidi and Noah Dyer of San Clemente, California, are now both rocking the orange and blue. Heidi, a sophomore business administration major, is an All-American in beach volleyball and was a WCC All-Freshman team member in indoor. Noah, a freshman business administration major, will be a player to watch on the men's volleyball team this year. The Dyer siblings give us insight into growing up together and now being at Pepperdine at the same time:

Q: Explain the dynamic of having your little brother/big sister on campus and playing volleyball at Pepperdine with you?

Heidi: In comparison to last year when I didn't have him here, I find it so funny that I'll be walking around campus and just casually run into my brother. It's really weird so I'm still getting used to that. I think for him he hasn't been here without me here so I think it isn't as weird for him when we run into each other.

Noah:  It's cool because we have always gone to school together and been good friends so it's fun to be doing the same thing through college. It's also a good support system being there for each other.

Q: Heidi, did you know Noah was interested in Pepperdine before you were recruited?

Heidi: No, I don't think he was even thinking about college when I was being recruited. After I got to Pepperdine, I told my high school coach, who knows Noah well, that even though he was talking to a bunch of colleges, I knew he would end up at Pepperdine. Because we are so similar, it made sense that if Pepperdine was the perfect place for me, it would be for him as well.

Q: Noah, were you interested in Pepperdine prior to Heidi signing, or did it help that she was already here and had such a great freshman experience?

Noah: Yeah, I had heard about Pepperdine when I was going into high school and had heard great things about the volleyball program. But, Heidi already being here and telling me about it also made me more interested in going here.

Q: Did you guys always get along growing up?

Heidi: I have five siblings and Noah was always the one I was probably the closest to ... mostly because we are similar people, but also because we are only 17 months apart. However, being so close, he knew the exact buttons to push and he pushed them well! It's safe to say there were quite a few punches thrown and chases chased but for the most part we were really close.

Noah: We got along really well most of the time. We had our fair share of fights but we usually resolved them pretty quickly.

Q: Did you play together or against each other on the court growing up. Was it more for fun, or was there a sibling rivalry?

Heidi: Growing up we learned to play volleyball on the beach first, and then as we grew in the indoor game, we played a ton in our backyard in the grass. That's where we competed against each other and the rest of our siblings a ton. However, we have played a few tourneys together and we once won the Valentine's Day open beach tournament together. We have played together a bunch in Seaside, Oregon, in 4-man and 2-man tourneys when our family took our RV up there for the family trip. They were always fun but he yelled at me a lot so naturally I would yell back.

Noah: Yeah, we played a lot together and against each other on the beach. We won a few coed tournaments too but we didn't play too many because we would sometimes get pretty mad at each other because we are pretty competitive.

Q: Heidi, after having such a successful freshman year, what are your hopes/goals for this season, and how have those goals been shaped by your successes?

Heidi: Last year just playing with my partner Taylor Racich and the rest of the beach team was one of the biggest honors I have received. They are one of the hardest working group of girls I know and playing with them, I couldn't help but to want to work just as hard as them. One thing Nina Matthies told me during this past season was that sometimes you don't get recognized when you think you should, and then you'll get recognized when you think you shouldn't. That has stuck with me ever since. And getting AVCA All-American with Taylor was such an honor, but it felt weird because I felt like my entire team deserved it as well.

Q: Heidi, what kind of impact do you think Noah will have on the men's squad this year?

Heidi: I think Noah is a great leader in his own quiet but steady way. And even though he is a freshman, I think he will do well in contributing to the team in that aspect along with his hard-working character. I think he was one of the best players in his class in the nation and if he transitions to the changes of the college game, he will do very well in his freshman year and the years to come.

Q: Heidi, what is your favorite part about being a Pepperdine athlete, specifically?

Heidi: My favorite part is the community that comes with it. I feel like at Pepperdine, all the different sports teams are very close with each other and it's easy to know all the athletes. There are very few athletes that I can say I have never even seen before and I really like that about Pepperdine.

Q: Heidi, what was one piece of advice that you gave your brother leading up to his arrival at Pepperdine?

Heidi: Well, this one is hard because I actually gave him lots of advice in all the little aspects of how life as a student-athlete works at Pepperdine. But one of the biggest things I think I told him was that I am convinced Marv Dunphy secretly runs the entire school and he should always be on his good side.

Q: Noah, did your sister give you a certain piece of helpful advice leading up to your arrival at Pepperdine? What was it?

Noah: She's given me a bunch of bits and pieces of advice but the one that stuck out to me the most was to get my homework out of the way early so that I could enjoy Pepperdine without being stressed about homework.

Q: Tell me about what you love most about your little brother/big sister?

Heidi: The thing I love most about Noah is that we have the exact same sense of humor. First of all he's funny ... sometimes ... but second is that I can always count on him to appreciate anything that I think is funny such as memes or certain funny human individuals. And one other big thing I love is that no one can tell him what to do or who to be. He is going to be exactly who he is no matter what anybody tries to tell him to be.

Noah: Probably the best thing about Heidi is that she's fun to hang out with. We have a lot of common interests like going to the beach and playing volleyball so we're really good friends.

Q: Noah, did you catch a lot of Heidi's indoor and beach matches last year?  What did you think of your big sister's accomplishments?

Noah: I saw a few of them and I thought she really stepped it up. It's tough being a freshman and starting in a new position like outside but I thought she did really well. Also, I saw a few of her beach matches and was super stoked when she made the ones team and was named an All-American.

Q: Noah, aside from athletics, what have you enjoyed most about your Pepperdine experience so far?

Noah: So far, it's been pretty awesome meeting a bunch of really cool people and getting to know them.

Q: Noah, name one thing that you have placed on your bucket list at Pepperdine.

Noah: Definitely the number one thing on my bucket list is to win an NCAA championship.

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I really love this story. I'm so proud of them both. But, I really miss them!

Reading their comments about fighting, I remembered one time when Heidi was maybe 5 or 6 and Noah was about 4, and Heidi had taken something Noah wanted, and in typical Noah intensity, he announced "Hahdee, if you don't give me that now, I'm going to hit you, kick you, stomp you and knock you down!"

I think we disciplined him for that, after we got up off the floor from dying of laughter.

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