Cross Country Q&A: Lindsay Sheaffer

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Lindsay Sheaffer is a senior on the cross country and track teams, and has been one of the program's best runners for several years. Lindsay recently did an internship with HFF, a nationally recognized commercial real estate firm, and shares her experiences with us. She describes her responsibilities during the internship, as well as her aspirations for her team and herself during her last year at Pepperdine:
Lindsay  Sheaffer

Q: How does it feel to be a senior on the team?

A: It's kind of bittersweet. This is my eighth year doing cross country, so I am leaving a lot behind next year. It's also exciting. Running is an intense sport, so it will be nice to have a break in the coming year.

Q: You've always been one of our top runners. How does that play a factor in running for you?

A: It's interesting because in high school I was never the top runner. Coming into this role at Pepperdine is kind of a game to figure out how to be a team player and to be the top runner. It's exciting to lead the team in that way and to be a person that people can look up to. It also comes with a lot of responsibilities to stay on top of things.

Q: How did you prepare for your senior year?

A: I am still preparing just because it doesn't seem real that I am leaving yet. I've just prepared to put myself out there. In the summer, I tried to increase my mileage and it's been exciting to reach the new heights.

Q: As a senior, how has your role changed in the team?

A: This is my first year that I didn't have anyone directly older than I am to look up to. That's always been helpful. I've always had mentors and teammates that I looked up to, not just in running, but also in life general. It's been sad to see my mentors leave throughout the years. But also it's been helpful for me to have those mentors that helped me to be a better mentor to others.

Q: How do you help the youngsters on the team to reach the level you're at?

A: It's definitely a process. This year we have eight freshmen so it's been interesting to try to navigate. It's just all about the building blocks. Starting from the level that they are most comfortable with and where they came from in high school. Success might not pay off in this three-month season right now, but I am just hoping as I leave and as they progress in training that they will be able to exceed what I've done here.

Q: What is your strategy in persevering and motivating yourself to keep running?

A: I came into running with the perspective that it was a talent that I was given by God from the beginning. It's just a gift that I am using to glorify Him and to just be an example and a light to others. With that, it's not too hard to motivate myself to accomplish those goals. I like to set goals and exceed them.

Q: You had an interesting experience interning at a commercial real estate firm. Can you tell me more about what you did?

A: I interned at HFF, which is a commercial brokerage firm, in the summer. Throughout my time at Pepperdine, I've been trying to find out what I am into and finally got to a point last year that I decided I am really interested in being a commercial real estate agent. I come from a background familiar with commercial real estate, but never really wanted to go down that route just because I wanted to do my own thing. But I really found a love for it. This summer, HFF really heightened my interest and I had a great experience at a company that is nationally recognized. It's great to have it on my resume and to have those role models and resources that I can look up to.

Q: How did that internship influence your future aspirations?

A: I think it first started as just a trial run to see if it's something that I wanted to go into. It was really on and off when I first started. It was a challenging internship, so there were points where I thought that it wouldn't be a final result. When I came out of the internship, I was really pleased with how I grew and how my understanding of this industry grew so that I feel connected to the industry. I think it shaped my mindset moving forward.

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