Cross Country/Track Update: Cori Persinger & Katie O'Malley

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Championship season begins Friday for the Pepperdine cross country teams with the WCC meet in San Diego, while the track teams continue to work out with an eye toward next semester. Freshmen Cori Persinger and Katie O'Malley provide their third entry in a series of updates:

Cori  Persinger

Cross Country:

Recovery runs. Less frequent morning weights. The penultimate (vocabulary courtesy of Coach Radnoti) speed workout. The end of the season is in sight.

This past week the cross country team has been tapering in eager anticipation of the WCC Championship meet. Tapering involves decreasing frequency and intensity of workouts in order to maximize a runner's energy and strength at a certain time. The heavy mileage and grueling workouts have been completed.

Preseason training started about 20 weeks ago, when the cross country team received their summer workout plan and began building weekly mileage. This summer mileage is the base training for the season.

Later on in the season, training evolves into more intense workouts, tearing down muscle so they build back stronger later on. Mile repeats. Lactate thresholds. Speed sessions. Long runs. Hills. All of these have been done in expectation of this coming meet. The hard work is over.

We will finish out this mild week of training and go into the Championship meet well-rested, prepared and strong. Not to build even more pressure, but all of the hard work has been done specifically to for this specific time; it is on Friday, October 28, that we will run as our strongest, fastest and toughest. It's an exciting time. It's a slightly nerve-wracking, stress-inducing time. Yet, it is a time when we will thrive.

Prayers for the cross country team for safe travels, good mentalities and healthy bodies going into the meet this Friday.


Last week was hot and we are right in the middle of the semester, which means midterms! Despite the hundred-degree weather and stress from school, we have been able to forget about it all and focus on what we are doing during the workouts. We are continually providing encouragement and support for each other. I personally was sick all week, but with the kind and reassuring words from my teammates, I powered through the workouts.

New members of the men's team joined us last week in the weight room and at Alumni Park. They enthusiastically learned the way that practice works and new motions in the weight room, even at 6 a.m. on Wednesday morning. In general, the weight room time has been very productive as we are continuing to learn hang cleans and the weight keeps going up.

As Coach DJ said on his post on Instagram, "Your attitude, effort, and according to this group, your smile, are the three things that you can control. These girls took full advantage of the moment and had a great session. I'm expecting big things from them!"

So while we cannot control the weather, midterms, illnesses -- or for sophomore Catie Barilla, your fan falling on your toe -- we do believe that we can control our attitude, effort and smile. That is what will lead us to success this season.

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