Cross Country/Track Update: Cori Persinger & Katie O'Malley

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Freshmen Cori Persinger and Katie O'Malley provide their second installment of regular updates for the Pepperdine cross country and track teams:

Cori  Persinger

Cross Country:    

The cross country team raced at Santa Clara's Bronco Invitational on Saturday morning. It was a beautiful morning for a race. The high-stress, nervous atmosphere of race day was juxtaposed with the calm and crisp autumn air.  It was just cold enough for the team to break out our new Pepperdine cross country sweat pants, but not so cold that we desperately missed the sweat tops that have yet to arrive.

The colored leaves crunched beneath our feet, fallen from trees sitting on either side of the trail. Mountains rose in the background, and disappeared behind low-hanging clouds. There's something about the early morning before a race. The way the air hums with anticipation. The rhythmic movement of slow jogs and stretches, coaxing your muscles to life. The moments of eerie silence before the gun goes off. These parts of racing are some of my favorite -- they're definitely the least painful parts.

But what's most important is what happens from start to finish. Leading the men's team was sophomore Nick Heath, speedy as usual, who came in 12th place. He was followed by senior Ben Fox and freshman Treet Allison. The top finisher on the women's team was senior Lindsay Sheaffer. She was followed by sophomore Elise Froebe and freshmen Samantha Maness and Brianna Wilson, who each finished within five seconds of each other. Elise had an amazing race, in spite of the fact she is coming off of weeks of being sick with the Pepperdine plague, and ran a personal record in the 6k. Overall, it was a solid meet, aesthetically and competitively.


Two weeks ago, the other freshmen and myself started everyday practice with the team! Our first day was exciting and new as we learned the warm up, cool down and many other movements at Alumni Park, alongside a beautiful ocean view. During our Wednesday afternoon pool workout we exercised AND learned as Coach Rad made us guess some fun facts like, "Which state has only one school district?" (A: Hawaii). Thursday was our first day with Coach V who made us feel very welcomed and like important members of the team.

As for the weight room, we have been learning new movements like trap bar deadlift and power cleans. While the freshmen and I are a little bit timid (and awfully sore) we know that these movements take time to understand. The upperclassmen, on the other hand, are exuberant about these movements and also are great models for what we are supposed to be doing. Coach DJ even had senior Izzy Connell demonstrate a power clean to us.

This past Wednesday, we hit our 20-hour mark, also meaning that Coach Rad is now allowed to tweet us (@CoachRadnoti). We know that as the hours get longer, the training will get harder. But we look forward to what is to come with one common goal which is to get better.

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