Women's Basketball Q&A: Allie Green

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Allie Green is the only senior on this year's Pepperdine's women's basketball team, and she has been working hard preparing for the upcoming season. She shares what her experience has been like these past few years, her goals for this coming year and what it means to be a leader as the only senior on the team:

Allie  Green

Q: How is it being the only senior on the team?

A: It hasn't been as stressful as people think it is. With a lot of other seniors it might be harder to determine a goal, but I know what I want for the team and myself and it's easy to get people on board with that.

Q:  What challenges does this create that weren't there in past years?

A: There hasn't really been many challenges. I have had to take on more of a leadership role, but that has not been a challenge, though, because everyone on the team respects each other.

Q: Why did you choose to play basketball at Pepperdine?

A: I chose to come here because I liked the atmosphere. It's a Christian school and I am Christian. When I came in, the women's basketball team did not have the best record, but I felt like we could develop a new culture, and that's what has been happening over the past few years.

Q: What has been your favorite part about playing basketball at Pepperdine?

A: My favorite part has been this year because there has been a difference within the team. We are so much closer and there is a lot of chemistry between us. We push each other in the right ways and hold each other accountable.

Q: What are you looking to get out of your senior year? In general and in basketball?

A: Well, to graduate, but for basketball, I want to get to the middle of the conference and the team is striving to reach that goal.

Q: I saw that seven of your high school teammates earned Division I scholarships. Do you feel like the people you play with make a big impact on how you play?

A: Us all being Division I athletes definitely pushed us to be better and there were a lot of opportunities that came up from it. For example, if a coach came to watch one of us, he was able to see so much other talent.

Q: How has playing basketball affected your career decisions?

A: Well, I want to play basketball as long as I can, but playing basketball has made me more of an outgoing person. I want to be a sports broadcaster and I feel like I wouldn't be able to do that if it wasn't for basketball because you have a lot of interviews and other experiences that prepare you for broadcasting.

Q: You have some pretty impressive stats. What type of work went into making you such a well-rounded player?

A: My high school coaches, my AAU coaches, and mainly my dad helped me develop my skills every day. My dad was the one who helped me perfect my shot and become a shooter. My mom always made time for me to go to workouts. Everyone around me supported me and I pushed myself to put in the work.

Q: How have you changed from freshman year to now?

A: There was a lot of ups and downs. The biggest change for me was figuring out what type of leader I am and how I can contribute to the team. When I am having my worst days I can still be a vocal leader, or if I miss a play, I can say, "Next play," instead of getting down on myself. I have grown as a leader and have become mentally strong.

Q: What type of leader would you say that you are?

A: I try to lead by example. Everyone has their ups and downs. Everyone gets tired. Thankfully I have teammates who push me and I push myself. I try to hold all my teammates accountable. This year I feel like I have been a vocal leader.

Q: Who has impacted you the most while at Pepperdine?

A: For me, there have been events that impacted me more than specific people. There have been some events that have made me really think about life. My parents got divorced when I first came here, and I really focused on basketball. Coach Ryan and all the other coaches helped me through that. Also, last year my Grandma passed away and that took a toll on me. It was hard for me during basketball at that time and I had to push myself to not think about myself, but what she would want for me and my future.

Q: If you could give any advice to the team once you leave, especially the new players who will be coming in next year, what would it be?

A: I would tell them not to be afraid to speak up, even if it's to the head coach. You can't be afraid to talk about certain things whether it's school, personal life or basketball because we are all there for each other. Even if they think that another person isn't there for them, we are all a family, so don't ever lose sight of that family aspect.

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