Women's Soccer Q&A: Alex Marmureanu

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Alex Marmureanu, a junior forward who transferred from Texas Tech this fall, talks about her prior experience with the Red Raiders and then transferring to Pepperdine. She and the rest of the Waves will be back in action this week on Thursday (San Diego, 3 p.m.) and Saturday (BYU, 1 p.m.):

Alex  Marmureanu

Q: The team just came back from a successful road trip, with a tie against Portland and a big 5-0 win against Gonzaga. What did this trip to start conference do to help the team's confidence?

A: We definitely started off on a good foot, with a win and a tie, with the win being a shutout. We definitely have a lot of confidence going into this weekend. Our defense is playing really well, and we are scoring goals, and that's really all you can ask for. I think that we are in a really good spot to start off conference play.

Q: You transferred from Texas Tech. How was your experience there at the Big 12 school?

A: It was definitely the typical Big 12 football school. There were tons of people, and a lot of emphasis on athletics. I loved it there, but I definitely love it here a lot more. I think it was definitely the right move for me.

Q: Was going all the way to Texas, while growing up in Los Angeles, a pretty heavy culture shock?

A: Oh my goodness, yes. Lubbock is kind of in the middle of nowhere, with the next closest city being about five hours away, so that was a little but rough, especially growing up in Los Angeles with the big city around the corner. It was Texas, and while I love Texas to death, it was definitely not California. It was cool to see the difference in culture there, and I definitely think that it made me grow up as a person.

Q: What influenced your decision to come to Pepperdine?

A: Being closer to my family was a huge aspect of the transfer. I also really missed the city feel, especially one that I would be so familiar with.

Q: Was part of that influence coming back home to California?

A: Oh yeah, absolutely. I grew up right across the street from UCLA, so being not even an hour away from home now is awesome.

Q: How did the transfer process work? Did you reach out to the coaches here, did they reach out to you?

A: It was actually kind of a weird process. I knew that I wanted to transfer, so I sent out emails to schools that I could see myself at, and Pepperdine was on that list of schools. It just so happened that Tim needed a forward. It ended up being the perfect fit.

Q: Is there much of a difference coming from a huge Big 12 school to a smaller WCC school?

A: I feel that it is much more of a family feel here at Pepperdine. At a big school, it feels like you get lost in the numbers, while here at Pepperdine, there is a lot of individual attention with the coaches, and they are available for you. That extends to the professors as well. When I was at Tech, the class sizes were a couple hundred kids, and here, I have 10-15 kids in the class. I think that it is awesome to get more of that personal feel in the education.

Q: Has the team been pretty inviting overall? Did they help make the transition easier?

A: The girls are so sweet, and they have made this process so much easier on me as a transfer. It already feels like home here.

Q: What has your Pepperdine experience been like so far? Have you enjoyed the atmosphere and culture of the school?

A: It has been awesome here. Everybody says hi to you when you are walking around campus, even if you don't know them, so that's really nice. I have really enjoyed it so far.

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