Cross Country/Track Update: Cori Persinger & Katie O'Malley

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Cross country season is over and it's time to get ready for track. Cori Persinger and Katie O'Malley check in again with another blog entry about what the teams are up to around the Thanksgiving holiday:

Cori  Persinger

After racing at NCAA Regionals, the cross country team has taken a break this past week, which will continue into this Thanksgiving holiday. Well, a break from running that is. While it is important to give our bodies a break, stopping physical activity altogether can create problems. Some people (including me) need to take a few days, or maybe a week, off from anything remotely related to physical training in order to recoup mentally, which involves, among other things, not getting out of bed until class at 10 a.m.

Sam Maness says, "It's rejuvenating to my body and my inner being. It's given me a chance to understand what it's like to be a normal college student, studying late and not having to wake up before 6 a.m."

Going into the week of Thanksgiving, the second week since the end of the season, many of us will begin training again. Some will run every day. Possibly every other day. Others get creative, participating in physical activity that doesn't involve running, called "cross training." This includes swimming, biking, ellipticals, hiking, surfing (just Pepperdine things) and everything in between. It's a good time to mix up the workout routine, which has perhaps become too regular and complacent after months of being in-season.

Grateful for a time of rest, this amazing team and the coming track season. Happy Thanksgiving!

-- Cori Persinger

During the past couple of weeks, the track team has been doing our testing. From a timed mile, to short sprints and an all-out 45 second run, it has been a physically strenuous past couple of weeks. Not to mention the continually increasing weights and intensity in the weight room. However, we continue to bring energy and enthusiasm, remembering what we can control. We are now entering into our SPP training, and even in the upcoming vacations, it is essential that we continue to work hard and bring the same intensity even when we are by ourselves.

Coach V has been particularly impressed with seniors Izzy Connell and Gabrielle Ellis as their speed is exactly where she wants it to be.

This past Saturday, after our morning practice, the team got together for "Teamsgiving." We made pancakes, eggs and bacon and spent good quality time together as a team. We shared the many blessings and things we feel thankful for here at Pepperdine, the team being toward the top of everyone's list. We also got to bring Coach Rad's dog, Honey, with us while he worked in his office! It was an overall good, hard practice, with a rewarding and quality time after. Now we anxiously await time to go home for the holidays, agreeing that we are all very excited to see our families.

-- Katie O'Malley

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