Women's Basketball Q&A: Yasmine Robinson-Bacote

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Yasmine Robinson-Bacote, a sophomore on the women's basketball team, has had a great season so far with a team-high 14.7 points per game. She's the first Wave to record 10 double-doubles since 2001. She shares her thoughts on the season and what she likes to do off the court:

Yasmine  Robinson-Bacote

Q: How has the season been going so far?

A: It has been going pretty well. We have had our ups and downs like any other team, but we are definitely hitting our stride. We had a good win against San Diego and we a hoping to keep that momentum going forward as we get into the last couple of games of the regular season.

Q: You had a great game against Pacific a few weeks ago with 25 points and 16 rebounds! What helped you to do so well?

A: We needed to have a really good game and it was just the flow of the game. I didn't really know how many points or rebounds I had until the end. I tried to grab the balls as I saw them and take every shot that I could. The team did a great job of finding me and creating open shots for me, which made my job easier. I tried to make their jobs easier by clearing up the boards when I could. Unfortunately, we did not win, but it was a highlight to see that we could play at such a high level.

Q: When talking to you earlier this season, you said that your goal was to be the best teammate possible and to become a better player every day. Have you been able to meet that goal?

A: I have definitely been working toward it. We have a great coaching staff that brings a lot of different things to the table. I have been trying to learn from them every day and be a sponge and absorb everything. I am still learning and growing, but I am definitely taking steps in the right direction in becoming the player that I want to be.

Q: What more are you looking to get from this season?

A: We want to keep working smarter, rather than harder, because most of the time we are working to the best of our abilities, but we have not been working as smart as we should. We are definitely still growing in that aspect, but we really want to finish off the season well. We are going to have to bring our "A" Game. We need to stay focused, take it day by day, and trust the process.

Q: What is your favorite memory from this season so far?

A: I would have to say the Gonzaga win is still up there. We came in with a hungry mentality and we still have that mentality. It seemed like everything clicked for us and everybody gave a little something. Everybody played so well. It was one of the best games of the season and we got the outcome we wanted. It was a big upset, so it was definitely the highlight of the season.

Q: Looking forward to next season, what are you hoping carries over from the current season?

A: I think we need to continue our progression and not being comfortable with where we are right now. We are making good strides. Maturing is something we have to work on collectively because we will have to look for leadership not only in Kim (Jacobs), but in other players. There is going to be a lot of stepping up from me and my other teammates to try to fill that void that Allie (Green) has been for us. 

Q: You have 10 double-doubles so far this year. What skills have you been working on to remain so consistent?

A: I think it is more about being aggressive, going after the ball and not taking any plays off. Often times you take a play off and miss those rebounds or extra points. For me it has been all about staying consistent and focused and making sure I know what my responsibility is on the court.

Q: Do you have a pre-game ritual before each game?

A: Allie and I blast music, scream at the top our lungs, and jump around. We get our pre-game sweat right there before we actually get out on the court. That is something fun we do and I am really going to miss that next year.

Q: What would a perfect day look like for you?

A: I wouldn't get up at 8 a.m., that would be the first thing. I would wake up about 10 o'clock, get breakfast, watch a little Netflix, and then drive down PCH playing some music and relaxing. Then I would come back and hang out with the team, eat lunch, watch a little more Netflix, eat dinner, watch a little more Netflix and finally go to bed. That would be a perfect day for me.

Q: When you aren't playing basketball or studying, what do you like to do?

A: Definitely hang out with friends, which is mostly the team. We really like to hang out a lot. I like to go out to eat, go to movies and watch Netflix. I really enjoying relaxing.

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