Men's Golf Q&A: Clay Feagler

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Clay Feagler, a freshman on the men's golf team, has posted three top-10 finishes and four top-20 results in four spring tournaments. He tells us about how he's made such a strong improvement between fall and spring, and about his time on the men's golf team so far in general:

Clay  Feagler

Q: You've had a really great spring season. Did you think you would make such an impact, this early on, as a freshman?

A: Yeah, I thought I could make a big impact, actually. I thought I could make a huge impact in the fall but unfortunately it didn't happen that way. I just wasn't comfortable with balancing school and golf. Also when it's your first semester you tend to be overwhelmed and I definitely was.

Q: There's been a big improvement and difference for you already between your fall and spring season. What made this difference? What did you work on to get better?

A: I think the biggest things that have made a difference are just playing my game and limiting mistakes on the golf course. My game has always been accuracy and during the fall I kind of strayed away from that. Also, when I was out playing golf, I would tend to think about assignments for school and just get distracted. The things I worked on were mostly mental and nothing mechanics-wise. I just really worked on having a calm demeanor on the golf course and not getting flustered.

Q: What's been your favorite moment so far throughout your whole freshman season?

A: My favorite moment so far was playing in front of the Pepperdine fans at North Ranch Country Club. Also, to win there in front of the people watching made it extra special. 

Q: What are your personal goals for the rest of the season?

A: My personal goal for the rest of the season is to finish every tournament for the rest of the year inside the top 15. If I sneak a top five or a win, then that's great.

Q: What are the team goals for the rest of the season?

A: Our team goals are to be inside the top 10 before the season is over and to win our conference.

Q: Why did you choose Pepperdine both to come to school to and in terms of the golf team?

A: I chose Pepperdine as a school because the coaches were great, the school was great, the size of the class was the perfect size for me and who would not like that view!

Q: What have you enjoyed most about the team so far?

A: The things I like most about the team are just the people that are on it. We have a great group of guys on it and having those guys care for you and root for you is just great.

Q: What do you like and enjoy about the coaches?

A: They are here to help you with your game and to get you to the next level. You can also go to them to talk about anything with them. They really care for you and that's what great coaches do.

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