Track Q&A: Talya Holenstein

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Talya Holenstein is a freshman on the women's track team. Already in her career, she set the school's 400-meter record in just her second outdoor meet (since re-broken by Izzy Connell) and Holenstein was part of relay teams that set both the 4x100 and the 4x400 records. She reflects on what this was like for her and how her time with Pepperdine has been so far overall:

Talya  Holenstein

Q: You've set some records pretty early on in your career. How has that experience been for you?

A: I would definitely say that being a part of the relays and getting to break the school records in both of them has been the highlight of my season thus far. Breaking personal records is great, but there is something to be said for joining together with three other girls and getting to do it together. I was especially happy being able to contribute to this goal for two of our senior girls who have been wanting to break the relay records since they were freshmen. I'm glad I got to be a part of that with them.  

Q: What's it like as a freshman doing so well so early? Did you think you had a shot at school records when you came on?

A: Coming to Pepperdine, I knew that I would fit in well with the program and could have a shot at the school records during my time here. I've been really pleased with what I've been able to accomplish thus far, a lot of which stems from having strong upper-class runners who push me every day in practice and set the bar high.   

Q: What's your background with running?

A: Running and the sport of track and field have been a part of my entire life. Both of my parents ran in college. My mom was an 800 runner at UC Irvine and my dad a decathlete at Portland State University. So growing up, it was always a big part of our family, and I grew to love the sport as well. 

Q: What led you to come to Pepperdine?

A: I came to Pepperdine for several reasons, one of which was to live and train in warm weather for a change (I'm from Portland, Oregon). But besides the climate and location, I really appreciated the small community Pepperdine had to offer, which was something I was looking for in a college. 

Q: What do you like about the track team?

A: My favorite thing about our team is the crazy dynamic and atmosphere we have. We are definitely a team that jokes around a lot, meaning there is never a dull moment. When you spend so much time together it's important to keep things fun, and we do a really good job of that. 

Q: What are your goals and hopes for running, as you move forward?

A: Moving forward, my short-term goals are to just keep working my times down, especially in the 400. If I could get to a low 56 by the end of the season, that would be a really good start for me to work off of for the next three years. I also really hope to lower our school records in both of the relays before the season is up because I know we are capable, it's just a matter of all the working parts coming together. 

Q: What are your goals for school?

A: As of right now, I am an undecided major, so one of my goals is to figure out a career path during my time here. But in the meantime, I just hope to continue to get good grades and put in the effort at school as my main priority.

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