Track Q&A: Treet Allison

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Treet Allison is a freshman on the men's track team but his youthful status hasn't stopped him from already setting a few school records (400, 800 and 1,500 meters) while determinedly looking toward the future and working hard to meet his goals. He shares how his time at Pepperdine has been so far and what has helped him to transition and do well:

Treet  Allison

Q: So you've come in and already set some records as a freshman! How does that feel?

A: It feels great to be able to come in freshman year and be able to compete with other guys that are working hard. The progress is showing and it makes me feel confident about what the future holds.

Q: Did you think you would come into your freshman year starting off so well or has it been kind of a surprise for you?

A: Honestly this season has been a complete surprise to me so far. You always want to put in your best work and trust the system, and this time the training has really paid off quickly in the season. Now it's just time to see where we can go from here.

Q: What have you focused on to help you to do so well?

A: I have really been focused on working hard during practice with my middle distance workout group. Even when our bodies and minds are feeling done, everyone helps each other focus on getting through. When it comes to racing I continue to try to convince myself that I can stick with the faster guys and try to see how far my body can hurt before it quits.

Q: Has the transition been different or difficult at all, running track in college?

A: The transition to college running was a big jump for me last semester in cross country, when I came into a completely different state, altitude/terrain and atmosphere of living on my own. When I came back from winter break I had a better idea of what I was in for and so track season's training started up much more smoothly.

Q: What are your goals or what are you focusing on as you move forward?

A: For this season I really want to start getting my 1,500 meter time further down to a more regionally competitive time so that in the future I will be able to represent Pepperdine at the higher end of competition. 

Q: So your older brother also was a good runner for Pepperdine. Is running something your family all enjoys?

A: Yeah, my brother Seth Allison was a runner for Pepperdine from 2007-2011 and was basically the trend-setter for running in my family. Once he started and excelled in it, it caught on to the next three brothers and we picked it up and "ran" with it.

Q: So what is your background with running?

A:  My background of running started off with being dragged to every track and cross country meet my brothers competed in when I was younger. I remember doing a 10-11 mile race with my dad when I was around five and from then on I've had a particular taste for distance racing. I was inspired by my older brothers' success and dedication to becoming better each mile through pushing themselves to the limit.

Q: What do you like about the coaches at Pepperdine and your team?

A: I absolutely love Coach Rad, he's always pushing and expecting more of us each day. It doesn't matter if you're having a good day or a bad day, he understands that performing, no matter what the world is throwing at you, is part of what makes people successful. He's understanding to a very personal level, but also a driving force to get things done. I also love my team. We are all really close and share a brotherhood together. We are each in each other's lives to help get through rough times and to help push each other when we can't do it ourselves.

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