Women's Basketball Q&A: Kim Jacobs

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Kim Jacobs is the only returning senior on the Pepperdine women's basketball team. As her final year is approaching, she shares her plans for the summer and her goals for the future:

Kim  Jacobs

Q: What are your plans for the summer both on and off the court?

A: Off the court, I have already had an exciting summer. Since June and July are the months to be here with the team working out and taking summer school, May and August are the two months for more off-the-court activities. In May, I went to South Carolina to visit my mom who just recently moved there, went to Disneyland, went to the beach a few times and went to a couple concerts. In August I don't have any major plans, just some babysitting, coaching and hanging out with friends. On the court, I plan to just continue working hard and improving my game. I want to be stronger and in the best shape as any of my previous years since it is my last go-round. If I can accomplish this, I believe it will help my overall game. I also want to improve my shooting. Since I like to think that's what I do best, I want to be able to come into games doing that at my highest potential, and know exactly what I need to do to help the team be successful this year.

Q: What are your summer workouts like?

A: Summer workouts are very intense and exciting with Coach DeLisha. Not only on the court but off the court, we are working extremely hard to be the best team we can possibly be. We have limited time on the court during the summer, but Coach D makes sure we use every minute to the fullest and doesn't waste any time. We work a lot on ball handling and shooting. The drills she has us working on, and the energy and intensity she brings to workouts every day, really allow us to come out of our shell and be more confident in every part of our game. This makes it really challenging, but it is also very fun and rewarding, because I can personally say that I have seen a drastic improvement in just the few weeks we have been here.

Q: What are you most excited about for your senior year?

A: For my senior year, I am excited to see myself grow as a person not only on the court but off the court as well. I am very excited to see how this season turns out because it is all very new to us with all of the adjustments being made, but I think it will be a great year for us. Off the court, I am just excited to get ready to start a new chapter in my life and see where Pepperdine takes me after I graduate. It is the last year that I will ever be a student-athlete, so I am excited to live this last year to my fullest both on and off the court.

Q: What are you looking to get out of your senior year? In general and in basketball?

A: Basketball-wise, I hope to be able to say that I gave it my all and be able to look back on this year specifically and be happy about everything that happened. I just want to have no regrets because like I said, it is my last year being a student-athlete and I will never get these years back. In general, I have the same kind of hopes. And I am happy about how everything turned out. I am looking to take my last major classes and graduate on time with good grades. I am just looking to get the best experience as possible out of my final year here at Pepperdine.

Q: Do you feel an increased responsibility to be leader as the only returning senior in the roster?

A: I definitely feel the pressure to be more of a leader than I have had to be in the past because I am going to be the only returning senior. I have spoken with Coach D many times about this specifically and she said she wants me to be more of a leader not only by example but as a spoken leader too. At first, it was very challenging to me as I am more of a reserved individual, but it has been getting easier as practices go on and I get more comfortable with it. I also feel like I need to step up as more of a leader not only for my returning teammates, but also the new ones, since there will be so many of them.

Q: What are you most excited about for the new players coming in?

A: I am excited to see how each one of them fits into our team's atmosphere and to see each of them make an immediate impact on the court for our team. I know each one of them brings something unique and valuable to this team that will be helpful in the upcoming season. I am also excited to see each of them grow on and off the court as time goes by. I am also excited because it will definitely be helpful in practice to have some extra players because this month in June we have only had about five or six people, so it will definitely help practice run more smoothly with more bodies.

Q: Looking back, what would you label as your biggest accomplishment during your basketball career at Pepperdine?

A: I would say my biggest accomplishment is seeing myself grow year by year and not only improving on my faults but also my best attributes. It is a crazy thing to think back to freshman year when I was a very shy basketball player coming right out of high school, and be able to go through and think about the different goals that I have set over the years and how I have accomplished them. I have become stronger not only physically but also mentally. I have become an overall better person because of this experience that I have been a part of.

Q: If you could give any advice to the team once you leave, especially the new players who will be coming in next year, what would it be?

A: I would tell them to live each moment to the fullest and not take any moment for granted because the time you have in college is limited and it goes very fast. I know 6 a.m. conditioning, running on the court, and the time commitment that college basketball requires, doesn't seem fun in the moment, but you're there with the people you love the most, that you have the most fun times with, and that you call your family. So make the best out of those times that you have with them, whether it be conditioning or just hanging out, because it goes by in the blink of an eye.

Q: What do you think is the hardest part about being a student-athlete?

A: I think most people who aren't familiar with college sports don't realize the time commitment that is put into being a student athlete. In the offseason we are sometimes waking up at 5 a.m. for conditioning or weights and then also have two-hour practices and have class and homework and have to find time to eat in the midst of all of that. And then during season we are traveling and away from class and having to figure out what we missed from other classmates. It is very tiring, but I think the hardest part is having good time management because you have so many things to do with such little time.

Q: Do you have personal goals that you hope to achieve by the end of your senior year at Pepperdine?

A: My goals, like I stated before are to do everything my hardest and to my fullest potential, whether it's on the basketball court or off. I want to get some of my best grades since I've been here at Pepperdine. On the court, I want to have my most successful season out of my four years here.

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