Women's Soccer Q&A: Meagan Harbison

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Meagan Harbison, a fifth-year senior on the Pepperdine women's soccer team, looks back on her time on the team and also shares her goals for this season:

Meagan  Harbison

Q: Tell me a little about winning the WCC title this past season.

A: That was really big for us. I think coming off a year before that was not that great, we came out strong, mainly defensively. We have a strong back line, but also as a unit we were strong too. It was not necessarily the way we wanted to win it because we had a chance to win it at home, but ultimately the game that we played to win it was all about heart. That moment after we scored, we knew we had won and everyone stormed the field. It was a really cool experience.

Q: How has that affected the team coming into this season? What is the team doing to retain the title this season?

A: I think coming off a good season last year and having a lot of returners from that group coming back has set a good foundation. I think we will just continue to build off of that. We know that we can achieve it, and now we just have to stick with it and keep on improving each day.

Q: You and your sister, Hailey, are playing together for the first time since 2014. Are you both excited to be playing together again?

A: It's crazy. I got injured and then a year later, Hailey got injured. It is cool to be back together. She is such a good player and we can read off each other. We have a good partnership.

Q: What is it like having your sister on the team?

A: I think it is really cool. Obviously I am older, so I got to do my own thing my first year. It is fun having a sister around because you are with them growing up and it is great to have that support system and someone to hang out with. I can depend on her no matter what.

Q: As a team captain, what's your role on the team?

A: I am the oldest one on the team and I have a lot of experience, so I just have to use that to help my teammates. I am more of a lead-by-example type of player, so hopefully going forward I can lead in other ways too.

Q: What are you looking to get out of this season?

A: I want to win it all. I want to win the WCC title again and go farther in the tournament, but ultimately, I want the championship. I think we can do that this year because we have the team for it. As long as we keep our minds set and focused, we can achieve it. As long as we believe it, I think we can do it.

Q: Looking back on your time at Pepperdine, what has stood out the most or had the most impact on you?

A: The people here, especially my teammates. My class has graduated now, but they were a big reason why I stayed here. The culture of the team is great. No matter what you are going to work hard because you have to have your teammates' backs and they have your back. Regardless of that bad day you are going through, you know you can depend on them. You know that there is someone for you and everyone is rooting for you.

Q: If you could go back to when you first started at Pepperdine, what advice would you give yourself?

A: For soccer I would say to try and find more time to practice little things. I know it's hard because the schedule is crazy, but I would tell myself to get up a little earlier and find some time to practice more on my own.

Q: What is your favorite memory with the team?

A: There are so many. The WCC win was for sure a favorite. My sophomore year we beat USC twice, once at their home field and once here. It was really cool to beat them back to back. There were just so many big wins, it is crazy. Nothing is better than winning away.

Q: Since this will be your last year here at Pepperdine, what are you plans after you graduate?

A: I definitely want to play soccer whenever I can at this point. I am hoping that I can do that. If not, I still want to stay in the sports industry because that (sport administration) is my major.

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