Cross Country Q&A: Kyle Johnson

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Kyle Johnson, a freshman on Pepperdine's cross country team, shares his feelings about his first year on the team ahead of this week's WCC Championships. He also shows off his excitement toward the upcoming track season:

Kyle  Johnson

Q: How was your most recent meet?

A: UCR was a good tune-up meet right before WCCs. It was a change of pace from the normal 8K as we went down to 6K, which was nice to get the legs moving a bit faster.

Q: How have your first couple months been running at Pepperdine?

A: My first couple months have been great. I have been feeling very strong in and outside of the classroom. I really think I have found a nice home here. Also, running makes time fly by, plus getting eight hours of sleep really takes up a lot of my time.

Q: How is it running for Coach Radnoti?

A: Running for Coach Radnoti is interesting, he always keeps us honest with how we are feeling, as he is a very strong believer in the mind. That being said, he's always fun-loving and makes sure everyone is in a good mood.

Q: How has your progression been throughout this year?

A: My progression through this year has been odd as my fastest race has been my first one, which is not ideal, but at WCCs I know I will be faster. I believe in myself more than anyone else ever could so I am not too worried.

Q: What are your expectations for your four years?

A: Four years is a long time so I am not going to put any specific goals but I believe the sky is the limit, especially with Coach Radnoti's system and my work ethic. I know anything can happen.

Q: How is it adjusting from high school cross country to college?

A: In high school my workouts and mileage were not even close to this hard or long, so jumping up to college mileage was a big step for me. Not to say it was a bad thing, as I feel faster than I ever have been in my entire life.

Q: How is it being on a team with completely new people?

A: My teammates are incredible, each one bringing their own interesting personality traits and experiences to the table, making us a very well-rounded team. They really help me out because when you are as far away from home as some of the guys like me are, having that close family atmosphere definitely helps.

Q: What are your feelings toward track season? What events do you run?

A: I am excited for track! My events are going to be the 5K and 10K. This whole year my mileage has been lower than everyone. I have been beating people in races so by track I hope to catch up closer to 90 a week and make a big jump in my performances.

Q: Since you are from Michigan, why did you choose Pepperdine?

A: I chose Pepperdine because of the people here. It feels like the family and team atmosphere that I had back home, which I know will allow me to flourish out here and also because of Coach Radnoti.

Q: How does cross country work with your major (computer science/math)?

A: Cross country works well with my major. I would not say it is the hardest major on campus, but it definitely kicks my butt sometimes. Really, as long as I stay on top of everything and manage my time well, I know I can achieve anything.

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