Women's Volleyball Q&A: Adria Johnson

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Senior outside hitter Adria Johnson of the women's indoor volleyball team tells us how faith, relationships and volleyball have guided her college career thus far and her plans for the future:

Adria  Johnson

Q: How did you get into volleyball?

A: My best friend in middle school invited me to tryouts and I made it. From there, I started playing club volleyball and I've been playing ever since.

Q: What lead you to make the decision to finish high school early and come to Pepperdine?

A: I lived in the same town, same house and went to the same school, same church my entire life so I was ready for a change. I've also always done things differently. It wasn't planned but I had the opportunity and it just made sense. Since volleyball is a fall start it was really nice because I could settle in during the spring semester before starting volleyball in the fall.

Q: It seems as if everyone on campus knows you. How important is it to build relationships with your peers?

A: I've had this evolving list of core values and building relationships has remained number one. I love people so much. People are really important to me because I get my energy from being around fun people.

Q: How has Pepperdine influenced the fostering of these relationships? For example, are you involved in clubs, or other extracurricular activities aside from volleyball?

A: I go to UM, the ministry, which is the only thing that I've done consistently. I think the atmosphere at Pepperdine has really influenced the development of my community. Being such a small school, I get to see all of the same people every day, which is cool because then those relationships can grow. Also, the faith-based community really helps because I believe that it unifies people and brings them together.

Q: You are choosing to graduate early from Pepperdine as well. How did you make that decision?

A: It's been a really long process but I'm at peace with my decision. The struggle is that I love my team so much but I think that I am ready I believe that the Lord is pushing me in a direction that is really intentional and although I don't know that that is yet, I'm choosing to trust in Him.

Q: How are you feeling about your final season as a Wave?

A: So good! We've had a great start and have been playing really hard. This year we have a smaller group of girls but we are all really committed and looking toward the same goals. A lot of our success is based in our strong relationships with one another, which I think gives us the upper hand over other teams. The girls are the best and I love spending every day with them. I'm also looking forward to hopefully bringing home a conference win with them this year.

Q: What are your plans post-graduation?

A: I want to do The World Race, which is a ministry opportunity where you go to different countries over the course of a year, and do service as well as teach them about the Lord. After that, I'm excited to see the different ways I can use my advertising degree and what facets will be most valuable to me. I'm not completely sure what lies ahead but I'm excited to find out.

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