Beach Volleyball Q&A: Corinne Quiggle

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Corinne Quiggle, a senior on the Pepperdine beach volleyball team, has represented the United States in international competition several times and most recently in China. She took the silver medal at the Shenzhen International Festival. She tells us about this experience as well as her goals for this season and her future:

Corinne  Quiggle

Q: You recently played for Team USA at a tournament in China? Tell me about that experience.

A: I played with my old partner that went to Pepperdine last year (Brittany Howard). She is a graduate student now in Spain and it was so fun. It was such a cool experience to be in China and represent the U.S. It was really cool because of the people in China and the culture being so different. Some of the people that came to watch had never seen anything like this. They had never been to a beach volleyball tournament and for them, this was such a huge event. We were giving out some U.S. things, like mini-volleyballs, hats, pins and stickers and people started sobbing. It made the experience really worth it because it felt like we were doing something more.

Q: How was it playing for Team USA?

A: I have represented the U.S. in Cuba and the Dominican Republic, so I have played for Team USA before. It was such a cool experience to travel as a division to China because typically I have been traveling as an individual and not in a group. It was really fun to have another U.S. team there and an official coach and manager. There is nothing like it.

Q: Did you enjoy playing with your former teammate, Brittany Howard, again?

A: It was so fun playing with her. We had not played together in a while since she has been in Spain. It took us a day to get back in our rhythm, but after that it was so fun to be back together.

Q: How did you get selected to play in China?
We played in a tournament after the National Championships, where the U.S. teams from the collegiate groups played each other. We got third in that tournament, and they took the second and third teams to China.

Q: Since it is your senior year, is there anything you want to accomplish before you graduate?

A: I want to win a national championship. We have been close every year. Last year we were two points away. This year, I obviously want to win that before I leave. That's definitely the biggest thing.

Q: What are your goals for this season?

A: Past this season, I want to play professionally, so this year I really want to focus on improving myself and taking advantage of all the resources that Pepperdine offers. Other than that my goals are to win and have a successful team by creating a great team culture and bond.

Q: What is your role on the team, on and off the court?

A: As a senior, I have had to step up into a bigger leadership role this year. I have been navigating that and trying to create a team culture based on my own actions and leading by example. I am trying to help the freshmen whenever they need it and lead us all on a path to success so we can reach our goals. I know that everyone on the team has the same goals and I think that is an amazing thing for a team to have. We are all trying to work to get all the pieces together to create the best team possible.

Q: What will you miss the most about playing for Pepperdine?

A: Probably the team culture. It is cool how it is set up that it is bigger than yourself. You can lose one of your games, but your team still wins. I think that is a really awesome part of playing for school and NCAA. I will really miss all the girls and the camaraderie that comes with playing with the team.

Q: What advice would you give to your freshman self?

A: I think first I would tell myself to work hard and focus more on school. I also would tell myself to take my time and really appreciate every part of school because it really went by fast for me. Now it is all coming to an end and I wish that I would have really been in each moment of my life rather than it all catching up now my senior year.

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