Men's Basketball Q&A: Colbey Ross

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Colbey Ross is a freshman guard for the Pepperdine's men's basketball team. He's off to a great start, averaging 14.4 points and 5.5 assists. He explains how his adjustment to college has been, along with his hopes for himself and his team this year:

Colbey  Ross

Q: How have your first few months at Pepperdine been?

A: It has been great. My classes and teachers have been really good. I have been trying to adapt and learn my schedule and how to balance school and sports and how to be successful in both. Then, in basketball, it has been great being able to start and just being with my teammates has been the best thing for me.

Q: How has the start of the season gone?

A: Some of the games haven't gone as we planned. We have had some tough ones where we should have pulled out a win. We are learning every game but we still have to fix little things on defense if we want the results we know we are capable of. I feel like I am getting into more of a groove and have more leadership, which is helping my confidence on the court.

Q: What was it like to average 23 points during the home Legends Classic games? And how did both of those games go?

A: It was a fun experience getting to play at home for those games in front of our crowd. My teammates were helping me find plays to be successful and score. I was playing with more confidence and it started to show, I was making more shots and the flow of the game became more natural. We ended up winning one out of the two we played. They were both tough games.

Q: How did it feel to lead your team to a comeback win over Oral Roberts?

A: It felt good but everyone did their part and it was really a team effort. My shot was falling, which helped on the offensive end, but we all came together to get the win.

Q: What was it like playing in and starting at your first home game?

A: It was crazy having all the fans come out to support us. Putting on the jersey and playing D-I basketball was a dream I have always had and just to be able to go out and play has been really fun and cool.

Q: Do you think that summer workouts helped you fit in better with all the guys?

A: Definitely, having 16 other guys competing against each other and with each other and overall working hard together, I feel like that made it easier for everyone to get along and then push each other to become better.

Q: How has your adjustment to college been?

A: It has been good. You don't have anyone telling you to do your homework or having your mom telling you dinner is ready. You have to find a balance of when to do homework, when to eat and then when to get extra workouts in. I feel like it has been good and that I have found that balance and I think I am doing pretty well right now.

Q: What is the major difference between college and high school basketball and how are you adjusting?

A: It definitely is the speed and how everyone out there is so athletic. But I think I have a pretty high IQ for the game so I still understand the game and I feel like it lets me be a step ahead of my competition.

Q: How do you feel you contribute to the team?

A: Mainly by being a leader. I know I am a freshman but stepping into a leadership role and working hard for my teammates to make everyone better. Then doing what the coaches tell me and hopefully help us to get wins.

Q: What are your goals?

A: My goal is to win a West Coast Conference championship. That is a big goal for me. To get at least 20 wins in the season, I think, would be really big for our team. Then just to become a better player. I don't really care about stats or starting or not, I just want to become better and help my teammates win and to have the coaches be able to trust me.

Q: What is it like playing for Coach Wilson?

A: It has been great. He has trust in me but he definitely is on me and is going to continue to be on me to make sure I am reaching my full potential. I am going to work hard for him and do whatever he tells me to get better and learn to look at the game differently.

Q: What brought you to Pepperdine?

A: The coaches had a really big influence on me coming. The location of course, you definitely can't beat it. Then being in the conference we are in and being able to play Gonzaga, Saint Mary's and BYU, which are all great teams. Those are the teams I want to be playing to increase my level of play.

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