Women's Basketball Q&A: Peyton Langston

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Peyton Langston is a first-year Wave, but she's one of the most experienced players on the women's basketball team after playing for three seasons at Evansville before heading to Malibu as a graduate transfer. She's second on the team at 8.5 points per game. Here are some of her thoughts on the season so far:

Peyton  Langston

Q: We are 10 games into the season and the WCC season is about to start. How do you feel the team has performed so far?

A: I think that we are performing well. There are definitely some things that we can improve on, but I feel that we can definitely make some solid changes as conference starts.

Q: Coming in as a transfer student, how was the transition to Malibu been?

A: It has been good. The coaching style that I had come from has definitely been different. The practices are really different, but I was able to adjust pretty quickly.

Q: Speaking of coaching styles, what has been the biggest difference between your old coaches, and Coach DeLisha Milton-Jones?

A: Coach DeLisha definitely has a more pro-style mindset. Her practices are more focused on game-like situations instead of just drills. We are doing things that will help us on gameday rather than just going through the motions of basketball practices.

Q: Was it difficult to mesh with the team coming in?

A: Definitely not. They were all really welcoming and friendly.

Q: How do you feel that you have performed personally up to this point in the season?

A: I feel like in the beginning, I performed really well, but the past few games I haven't really played to my true standard. But the season isn't over, so there is definitely time to make adjustments and get back to how I know I should be playing.

Q: Where do you feel is the team's biggest strength?

A: Our biggest strength is attacking the basket. We face a lot of zone defense, because teams know we can attack the hoop. We have been able to break the zone pretty effectively and continue to play to our strengths.

Q: How have you been able to break the zone to continue to get those successful baskets?

A: We have been practicing finding the weak spots in the zone so we can play to our strengths. We also try to push the ball down the court in transition so we don't have to even face the zone.

Q: How has Coach Milton-Jones helped you out both as a team and personally?

A: As a team, she knows what she is doing. She and her coaching staff are always on top of things, and one step ahead of everything. They are always going over film and looking for the small details. She prepares us for the small things that would normally fly under our radar, but are really important. Personally, she motivates me and tries to get me to work on things so I can better help the team.

Q: Finally, what can we expect from the Waves for the rest of the season?

A: You can expect and exciting rest of the basketball season, and for us to shake the conference up.

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