Men's Tennis Q&A: Max Mendelsohn

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Max Mendelsohn, a freshman on Pepperdine's men's tennis team, gives us his thoughts about his team and his performance so far:

Max  Mendelsohn

Q: How would you describe playing well?

A: To me, it would definitely mean staying consistent, and when I do play in the lineup, to give everything I have every match. I know I am only a freshman this year but I don't want to ever use that as an excuse on not being able to compete. As long as you can stay consistent and compete to the best of your ability, I think you are doing well.

Q: How does it feel to have been doing well your freshman year?

A: Over the fall I had some good results. I was playing guys that were older than me but that's not what I focused on. I just focused on playing tennis, which I think helped me. Another freshman on the team did the same thing and we didn't focus on the fact that we are freshmen, we just played, and it has turned out pretty well.

Q: How did you train to prepare for spring and to make sure you are in the lineup?

A: I am always working hard in practice and always showing up. Doing well over fall does help me when it comes to spring because I got to compete against some high level competition. Overall, being the best I can everyday in practice I think will help secure a spot.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming spring season?

A: I have a friend who plays tennis at Mississippi State and another one who plays at Florida State so I am looking forward to playing those teams.

Q: How do you like the team dynamic?

A: The team dynamic is actually pretty strong. We are all pretty good friends and we all get along with one another, even with our diverse group of people from places like Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Spain. It's interesting having the cultures collide but it is not really that big of a deal because we all like the same thing.

Q: How do you like the coaching staff?

A: I like it a lot. I think the coaches are there to help us. They really want what's best for the program. I believe Marcelo and Coach Ben really bring their best every practice and every match, which helps us as players and as people.

Q: Why did you choose Pepperdine?

A: I chose Pepperdine for a couple reasons. Pepperdine's history as a tennis program is really strong and has won a national championship so that was part of it. I like California a lot and Malibu is an unbelievable area. Plus, the school is very good also. Those three things all added up to me making my decision.

Q: What has been your favorite tournament so far?

A: We played a tournament over the fall in San Francisco. It was a really cool tournament because it was my first college tournament. We were playing guys from big name schools and the facility we played at was very cool.

Q: Who has inspired/helped you the most throughout your career?

A: I would say my parents because I couldn't be here without them. They have always pushed me to play tennis and I have been the better for it especially over the long run.

Q: How were your first few months adjusting to Pepperdine and your new team?

A: The team was really nice coming on as a freshman. It was really cool since high school and junior tennis is all individual so it's kind of different to join a team and play tennis. It is really cool and different and I have loved it. It has been a blast.

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