Baseball Q&A: Chase Lambert

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Chase Lambert, a senior on the Pepperdine baseball team, reflects on his time at Pepperdine, and the hopes he has for the upcoming 2018 season and beyond:

Chase  Lambert

Q: What are some of your thoughts as you head into your senior season?

A: It's really exciting this year with the team in general. We're all really close, closer than I think we have been in a while. The team is all really strong in the weight room, we're playing well, I'm just really excited for this season.

Q: What are some expectations or goals you have for yourself this season, particularly in light of your injury last season?

A: Obviously staying healthy is the goal, at first, I'm just trying to stay in there and play and help my team as much as possible. I just want to be able to be out there playing every day, especially because I've had to sit out for a while.

Q: What are some expectations you have for the team this year?

A: I expect a lot, I think that we can do a lot of big things this year. I want to go to Omaha, but first step first, you've got to win conference, win the conference tournament and everything and then take it from there. I expect good things this year.

Q: How has it been playing for this particular coaching staff?

A: Oh, I love them. It's really easy to talk to them, they're really understandable people. It's really nice when you don't have to worry about asking them questions, and going up and talking about things, it's really open and they're really easy to talk to.

Q: You previously mentioned that part of why you chose Pepperdine was that you're from Malibu and it was close to home. Looking back, are you still happy with that decision?

A: It is nice, now, looking back, having my parents get to be at almost every single game and my friends from high school be able to come down, and my hometown friends get to see me play too, so it's been a good experience and I've really enjoyed it.

Q: As a senior on the team, you are clearly in a leadership position. What advice have you given to the freshmen coming in?

A: It's not so much advice, just trying to give them confidence, and try to make them as comfortable as possible. I used to be a little bit timid as a freshman, didn't really open my mouth much, kind of just played, but I think everyone is very, very comfortable with each other and I feel like the group works well. The freshmen, they're good, they're comfortable and I think it's a good unit.

Q: Any plans post-grad?

A: Obviously, I want to continue my baseball career, that's the first thing I'm looking forward to. And I'm going to finish my sport administration degree in the fall and summer, and whenever I can, whenever time lets me. But that's pretty much my goal for now, and I'll see what opportunities are ahead of me from there.

Q: Reflecting on your time as a Wave, is there a favorite memory that you have?

A: One of my favorite memories is from freshman year when we won the conference tournament championship. At the time I was like, "Wow, this is amazing". And it's something that we've been trying to accomplish the last couple years. We got close my sophomore season, and obviously I couldn't play my junior season, so it's something I really want to get back to. It's a really enjoyable experience, and it feels good when you get to move on to the NCAA Tournament and try to go as far as possible from there.

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