Men's Basketball Q&A: Kameron Edwards

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Kameron Edwards is a redshirt sophomore on the Pepperdine's men's basketball team. He explains what it was like to be out for a month due to a concussion, along with how he feels he has grown as a player while at Pepperdine:

Kameron  Edwards

Q: You were injured for about a month. What was it like having to sit out that time due to your injury?

A: It wasn't that bad actually because last year I had to redshirt due to injury. This year I was hurt for a little bit, but I knew I would be back before the end of the season, so it was a lot better than last year. On top of that, since it was a concussion, I knew there was nothing I could do about it. It was kind of out of my control. It wasn't as bad as you might think.

Q: With your injury being a concussion were you allowed to do anything while recovering?

A: For the whole month I pretty much couldn't do anything. I wasn't even able to take my finals. At practices I just sat around. I could do a little bit of biking, some sit-ups and push-ups but nothing else. It was tough since it was the middle of the season and I felt like I was declining as everyone else was getting better.

Q: How did you feel being back on the court right after you were cleared?

A: I was kind of just thrown back into things. After having to sit out for a month, then going through two full practices, then a game. I was playing within two days of getting cleared. I was out of shape for one, then a little rusty. I wasn't sure if I was completely ready but I had to go with it and do my best.

Q: Did you feel like you had to work harder to come back?

A: Yeah, that's something I had to be careful with. I tried to work a little harder but at the same time I knew I wasn't going to get it all back in one day. I had to be patient. I was only out for a month so I didn't lose everything. I really just had to be patient knowing it will come back.

Q: How do you compare having a concussion to another more regular injury?

A: I think it's a lot worse because you can't do anything. Say if I had hurt my ankle, I could still lift and go to class. But with a concussion you can't use your brain at all.

Q: How do you think your injury affected the team?

A: I think at first when we found out I was going to be out it affected morale a lot. But they also knew I was going to be back. Morale was down a bit but there was definitely hope that I was going to be back.

Q: What is your goal for the remainder of the season?

A: We are just trying to get better every game. Obviously this season isn't going how we would like. We are still trying to learn and improve so we have to come to work everyday. We also know we have a lot of young talent so the years to come should be pretty good. Our mindset is that no matter if we win or lose we have to get better.

Q: Your brother is a senior in high school and has committed to Pepperdine. How do you feel knowing you are going to get to play with him next year?

A: We were able to play together my senior year of high school since he was a freshman on varsity. It was a lot of fun. I am excited. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity so of course I am going to cherish it. It will have its ups and downs but it's going to be a blast. I honestly can't wait. He is a really good player both mentally and physically.

Q: How much have you grown as a player since freshman year?

A: I'd say my biggest growth since freshman year is mentally. I have to say freshman year I was not very confident. I was only a freshman back then, I was the only guy who didn't know a lot of stuff. So practices were focused on me since I would be the one who was messing up. But now I'm sort of a veteran on the team and now I know so much more, which really helps me on the court and my confidence is a lot better this year.

Q: How have you felt being at Pepperdine the last few years?

A: I've enjoyed it overall. I mean just waking up to that view everyday is something to be grateful for. I get to be close home and play Division I basketball.  My family gets to come to all the games and I still get to see my old friends. Going to a great academic and great athletic school has been really nice. I have enjoyed my experience so far for sure.

Q: You have earned Scholar-Athlete awards the last two years. What does that mean to you?

A: It means a lot, especially since I know that's what my parents want. My goal was to keep a 3.0 or higher throughout college, which is pretty tough with our schedule. It takes a lot out of me with all the time constraints but I am happy to be able to keep doing well and get that recognition for it.

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