68 Waves Make WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll

July 19, 2010

MALIBU, Calif. - The West Coast Conference recently released its annual Commissioner's Honor Roll, and Pepperdine student-athletes were well-represented again as 68 of them earned spots on the list.

The WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll recognizes student-athletes that possess at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. The eight WCC schools put a total of 892 student-athletes on the list from the 13 sports that the conference sponsors, which is a new conference record.

"I would like to congratulate each and every one of our 892 student-athletes who made this year's WCC Commissioner's Honor Roll," said WCC Commissioner Jamie Zaninovich. "Breaking the all-time record for the second year in a row is a testament to our member institutions' commitment to helping their student-athletes reach their potential."

Student-athletes received Gold Honors for having a GPA between 3.75 and 4.00, Silver Honors for a 3.50-3.74 and Bronze Honors for a 3.00-3.49.

Here is a list of Pepperdine's student-athletes that were honored:

Name Sport Year Major
Ashley Broadwell Women's Volleyball FR Mathematics
Elizabeth Coe Women's Cross Country SO Psychology
Martine de Gannes Women's Golf JR Public Relations
Hannah DeWalt Women's Cross Country SO Sports Medicine
Karissa Garcia Women's Soccer SO Business Administration
Justine Hunter Women's Volleyball FR Public Relations
Kasey Kanada Women's Soccer FR Pre-Business Administration
Shane Mason Men's Golf SR Political Science
Andrea Oates Women's Tennis SO History
Kelsey Patrick Women's Basketball FR Advertising
Ana Pontes Women's Soccer FR Sports Medicine
Kelly Reilly Women's Soccer SR Mathematics
Jessica Wallace Women's Golf SO Business Administration

Name Sport Year Major
Miranda Ayim Women's Basketball SR Public Relations
Wesley Blundell Men's Cross Country FR Mathematics
Gus Clardy Men's Basketball JR Economics
Laura Cole Women's Soccer SO Liberal Arts
Megan Doeding Women's Cross Country FR Undeclared
Kiah Fiers Women's Volleyball SR Psychology
Krista Friedman Women's Volleyball JR Psychology
Alex Jarrell Women's Basketball SO Sports Medicine
Lauren Lodge Women's Cross Country SO Sports Medicine
Marigrace Marshall Women's Tennis SR Integrated Marketing Comm.
Derek Pesta Men's Cross Country SO Marketing
Garrett Reim Men's Cross Country SR Political Science
Tania Rice Women's Tennis SR Business Administration
Katherine Schmidt Women's Cross Country JR Spanish
Mary Stutzman Women's Cross Country JR English

Name Sport Year Major
Victoria Adelhelm Women's Volleyball FR Integrated Marketing Comm.
Skye Barnett Women's Basketball SO Liberal Arts
Tyler Brubaker Baseball SO Pre-Business Administration
Elise Crispen Women's Soccer JR Integrated Marketing Comm.
Katherine Crosland Women's Soccer FR Sports Medicine
Taylor Darby Men's Basketball SO Pre-Business Administration
Trent Diedrich Baseball SR Religion
Alexis Farler Women's Soccer SR Organizational Communication
Leo Fletes Baseball RS FR Math Education
Anisa Guajardo Women's Soccer FR Sports Medicine
Jessica Heckmann Women's Cross Country JR International Studies
Kim Hill Women's Volleyball SO Religion
Torrey Jacoby Baseball JR Business Administration
Taylore Karle Women's Golf JR Advertising
Sean King Men's Cross Country FR Sports Medicine
Joy Lelo Women's Basketball JR Advertising
Lisa McCloskey Women's Golf SO Pre-International Business
Kelsey McGovern Women's Soccer SO Integrated Marketing Comm.
Audrey Miller Women's Basketball RS FR Undeclared
Paige Mobley Women's Cross Country SO Liberal Arts
Corbin Moore Men's Basketball SO Economics
Alejandro Moreno Men's Tennis JR International Business
LeeAndrea Morton Women's Cross Country SO Pre-Business Administration
Callie Payetta Women's Soccer FR Undeclared
Courtney Price Women's Soccer SR Journalism
Andrew Putnam Men's Golf JR Business Administration
Caitlin Racich Women's Volleyball FR Undeclared
Jonathan Rahaeuser Men's Cross Country FR Pre-Business Administration
Courtney Rolando Women's Cross Country SO Advertising
Carl Smith Men's Golf SR Spanish
Kelsea Smith Women's Soccer RS FR Sports Medicine
Kenny Smith Men's Cross Country SO Mathematics
Michelle Spacciapolli Women's Soccer SO Advertising
Myriah Stockman Women's Soccer SO Sports Medicine
Melissa Trammell Women's Soccer SO Liberal Arts
Danielle Varela Women's Cross Country JR Psychology
Ali Walters Women's Tennis SO Pre-Business Administration
Conrad Wozniak Men's Cross Country JR Public Relations
Jordan Wozniak Men's Cross Country SO Accounting
Cody Yount Baseball SO Pre-Business Administration

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