Registration Checklist

STEP #1: Check your registration information

  • Log-in to WAVENET.
  • Once in the system, click on the Student Services link.
  • Listed on this page will be important information: Advisor name/email and any holds (Health Center, Owing Balance, Registration Holds, etc.).
  • Holds can prevent you from registering for classes.

STEP #2: Meet with your Academic Advisor

  • Meet either your major advisor or your first-year seminar professor.
  • If you are a freshman or sophomore, there is a hold on your account that only they can lift. It will prevent you from registering for classes until you meet with your advisor.
  • Make sure to be fully prepared when you meet with your advisor.
  • Create a four-year plan and discuss what classes to enroll in for that semester.

STEP #3: Meet with an Athletics Academic Advisor

  • Make an appointment with your advisor.
  • They will go over your four-year plan with you and help you find classes that fit around your practice and game schedule.

STEP #4:Sign up with early registration

  • To register for classes in WAVENET, click on the Add/Drop link (within the Registration page).



  • Talk to your coaches about practice and competition schedules for the spring semester.
  • Do not sign up for a class that you will miss regularly.
  • A link to the class schedule is on the AAS main page.
  • If anyone is considering changing their major or declaring a major and/or minor, please see your advisor in Athletic Academic Services for details on how to do this.
  • Students who will be junior status must declare a major by the start the semester to be eligible.


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