Pepperdine Strength & Conditioning

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pepperdine Strength and Conditioning program is to assist the athletes in reaching their full athletic potential. We believe in the constant pursuit of excellence from our athletes and our goal is to provide the best possible environment for that process to take place. The staff strives to build the athletes the most up-to-date, thoroughly researched programs in order to help them become faster, stronger, more explosive, agile, flexible, and mentally tough - and allow them to reach their full athletic potential.

Athletics Performance Center

September 2009 Unveiling of New Athletic Performance Center

Director of Strength & Conditioning
Matt Young

(310) 506-7630
Men's Basketball, Women's Beach Volleyball, Women's Golf

Associate Director of Strength & Conditioning
Tubbs Pike
(310) 506-4457
Men's Water Polo, Men's Tennis, Men's Volleyball

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Stewart Gonzalez
(310) 506-4457
Baseball, Men's Golf

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Bri Holder
(310) 506-4457
Women's Basketball, Women's Soccer, Women's Volleyball

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Adam Estrin
(310) 506-4457
Cross Country/Track, Swimming/Diving, Women's Tennis

Team Workouts:

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