Pepperdine Cheer

June 7, 2010

The Pepperdine Waves Cheerleading Squad performs and cheers at all home men's and women's basketball games, not to mention many other athletic and community events. As a NCAA Division I University, the cheerleading squad also accompanies many of our teams to national tournaments and competitions. In addition, the Pepperdine Cheerleaders promote our Waves Traditions at many charitable and public relation events.

The squad establishes team goals each spring following try-outs. The following five goals outline our basic achievement expectations:


  1. Maintain a Team GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  2. Emphasize fundamental and technical cheer and dance skills in practice, as well as in performances.
  3. Maintain top quality college performances at all events.
  4. Increase outreach to southern California to promote the University and the appreciation for cheer and athletics.
  5. Have fun, look forward to practicing, cheering, and performing.

The Pepperdine Cheer Team is comprised of students who want to cheer, dance, perform, sparkle, and enjoy the true concept of TEAM. All team members understand that they must represent Pepperdine with dignity, pride, and professionalism at all times. They are ambassadors of the University and must act appropriately on and off the performance stage.



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