Cross Country/Track Questionnaire

If you are interested in running cross country or track at Pepperdine University, please fill out the following and it will be forwarded to the cross country/track coaches.

Please fill out every box in the form in order to have it submit correctly. Put n/a in the box if it doesnŐt apply to you.

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Other Sports/Years of Experience

PR: 100m (put n/a if no time)

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PR: 400m (put n/a if no time)

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PR: Cross Country @ Mt. Sac (put n/a if no time)

PR: Cross Country @ Woodward Park (put n/a if no time)

PR: Cross Country (other course/time) (put n/a if no time)

Summer Mileage (average per week and total)

In-Season Mileage (average per week)

Do you cross train?

Do you weight train?

Do you swim?

Do you cycle?

What are your goals for next year?

What are your running strengths?

What area must you improve to reach the next level?

Is there anything you can add that would define yourself?

What kind of school are you looking for? (A) A small Christian school with high morals, where everyone knows each other and are friendly and welcoming, with small classes where the professor teaches a group of about 12-17 students; (B) A large party school, where you are just a number, with some classes as many as 900 students and you are basically taught by graduate students.

What city would you like your future college to be located? (A) Malibu, California, a small city (population 13,000) 27 miles long, just up from world-class beaches but close to the entertainment capital of the world; (B) In the middle of a big city; (C) In a cold, bitter climate; (D) In some other undesirable location.

What kind of training environment are you looking for? (A) Beach runs; (B) Trails overlooking the Pacific Ocean running along creeks, water falls and beautiful unspoiled nature; (C) On a track overlooking the Pacific Ocean; (D) On a cross country course 100% on grass with spectacular views of Malibu Bay; (E) Concrete; (F) Roads.

What kind of coaching staff are you looking for? (A) Great coaches who are friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, flexible, someone you can come to with any issue, and who will coach you for life if you want; (B) Great coaches who will only remember your name as long as you are running well.

Where would you like to possibly spend up to a year overseas in a study abroad program, and train for a major marathon with the full support of your college coaching staff who will train you via e-mail? (A) London, England (London Marathon) (B) Florence, Italy (London Marathon) (C) Heidelberg, Germany (London Marathon) (D) Lausanne, Switzerland (London Marathon) (E) Buenos Aires, Argentina (Buenos Aires Marathon) (F) Australia (Melbourne Marathon)

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