Agents & Advisors

Pepperdine Athletics requires that agents and/or advisors register and receive approval from the Office of Compliance prior to contacting any current Pepperdine student-athlete. Registered agents and advisors must confirm that they have read and understand the Pepperdine University Agents and Advisors Policy, including NCAA rules related to Agents and Advisors and California law related to Athlete Agents.

Pepperdine Athletics encourages agents and advisors to work transparently and within NCAA rules in providing advisory services to student-athletes and their families. Please note particularly that:

  • NCAA rules prohibit student-athletes with eligibility remaining from accepting any benefits (regardless of frequency or scale) from any individual, including an agent or advisor. This includes free or discounted services - including legal services or physical/sport-related training, etc.
  • NCAA rules prohibit any individual (other than parents/legal guardians) from negotiating or otherwise representing a current student-athlete in communications with professional sports organizations.
  • NCAA rules prohibit student-athletes from entering into any agreement with an agent (written or verbal), even if there is no payment or if the payment is deferred.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in protecting the eligibility of Pepperdine student-athletes. Please feel to contact the Office of Compliance at any time with questions or concerns.

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