Prospective Student-Athletes


High school, prep school, and junior college student-athletes seeking to participate in athletics at Pepperdine are encouraged to review carefully the recruiting information on this page. 

Please be aware that NCAA rules place some restrictions on coaches' contact with prospective student-athletes.  Depending on your sport and on your grade level, coaches may not be permitted to respond to a prospect's emails or telephone calls.  Coaches in most sports are also not permitted to text message or Facebook with prospective student-athletes, so please note that a lack of response to those types of messages may also be due to NCAA rules. 

If you do email or leave a phone message for a Pepperdine coach, please make sure to state your grade level and the name of your current school so that the coach can accurately determine what modes of response are permissible.

Thank you for your cooperation and for your interest in Pepperdine Athletics!

Amanda Kurtz, Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance

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