Marty Wilson Quotes

Friends, former teammates and players that Marty Wilson coached at Pepperdine, San Diego, UC Santa Barbara or Utah weigh in on the Waves' basketball coach:

"When I got to Pepperdine, Marty was a senior and I was Prop. 48 so I didn't get a chance to have much basketball contact with him. My contact with Marty (and his wife Myra) was on a personal and mentor level. He was absolutely the best example and influence that I could have ever wished for. As a student-athlete he did it the right way, studying hard and playing with his heart. Marty has had such a profound impact on my life and I've told him that, but I'm not quite sure that he quite understands. I witnessed his work ethic, humbleness and his commitment to his family, and what a powerful combination that is. He's the nicest guy that you'd ever want to meet, but as a competitor he'd rip your head off for his team. When I think of Marty Wilson, I remember that he was recovering from a knee injury when I met him. I would see him working out, jumping on a trampoline, running line drills, whatever it took to get back out on the court. I believe that this is the same hard work, discipline and attention to detail that we will get from him as a coach. Student-athletes and their parents will be blessed to have their children come to Pepperdine and be mentored by Marty. The highest compliment that I can pay to Marty is that when my son grows up I hope he's like Marty Wilson, my friend and family member."
-- Doug Christie, Pepperdine

"I have many great memories of my time with Marty Wilson at Pepperdine. The most memorable is when Marty came to my `98 graduation ceremony, even though he had been away from Pepperdine for two years at the time. Marty is a perfect example of what coaching is about. He has a personal interest in his players that goes beyond the basketball court."
-- Gerald Brown, Pepperdine

"Among the many men of exceptional character and discipline I have had the honor of meeting in basketball and life, Marty Wilson is a frontrunner.  His love for the game, his tenderness to his wife and family, his pursuit of excellence, and his belief in the transcendent nature of the human heart in light of the Divine presence in the world, are a gift to Pepperdine University and Waves basketball. I recall rooming with Marty while on our road games in which we faced battles with great teams across the country and held our own and often won. Even after a very hard fought game, when most of us would just relax in the hotel room, I'd find Marty disciplined to the core, doing push-ups and sit-ups like a champion. After this personal discipline was done, then he enjoyed the well-earned rest. That dedication to excellence defines the heart of the man. I wish him the best in this new endeavor, and may God grant him and the Pepperdine basketball family the reality of Henry David Thoreau's famous words: `What is once well done, is well done forever.' "
-- Shann Ferch, Pepperdine

"To put it simply, Marty is my favorite coach, period! Not just in college hoops, that goes for any sport, on any level that I participated. Marty isn't just an excellent coach, but he is an even greater man.  He is definitely a person that I have admired throughout my life. I am truly happy to see that he has finally been given a full opportunity bring the program back. I have no doubt that he will do an excellent job. Good luck and much success!"
-- Khary Hervey, Pepperdine

"For any incoming freshman, it's an advantage to have juniors and seniors to show you the way. When you have a coach like Marty Wilson, you have an advantage many people never get.  As much as he helped me grow as a player, it is helping me grow a man and father."
-- Dana Jones, Pepperdine

"Marty Wilson was the ultimate players' coach during my time at Pepperdine. He challenged me each and every day and demanded that I gave the maximum effort at all times academically as well as athletically, because that's what it took to stay the elite program that that we were. He maximized each player's potential because he was such a part of our daily lives. He definitely was my coach, my friend and a big brother to me during my time at Pepperdine. He was a major component to my success on the court, and was someone I could definitely look up to as a role model of being a good man off the court."
-- Bryan Parker, Pepperdine

"Having played for Marty when he was an assistant coach at the University of San Diego, I have witnessed firsthand his outstanding work ethic, his brilliant basketball mind, his ability to communicate to players and teach the fundamentals of the game to help them improve. The thing that I most admired about Marty was his ability to relate to players! Marty is one of the most outstanding coaches in the country and his players at Pepperdine University stand to benefit greatly from his program."
-- Lamont Smith, San Diego

"Marty was a critical part in UCSB coming from the bottom to reaching the NCAA Tournament. As a former high-level college athlete himself, Marty has a great ability to communicate effectively with players, and he did a great job recruiting good talents who bought in to winning. Marty will do great as a head coach at Pepperdine because he knows what it takes to win and he does a great job at getting the best out of his players. He is very passionate, a hard worker and an emotional leader, which translates to the players on the court. Players who play for Marty, whether win or lose, will compete 100% on both sides of the floor, and effort will never be undermined.  My first year at UCSB, we were 0-8 after losing five games at the buzzer, with a loss to an NAIA school. I came to practice the next day expecting the pressure of winning our first game to rise. But instead, the attitude of Marty was so different. The focus was more toward us, the little things we could control, and continuing to improve as players and as a team. This took the pressure off the players and we ended up winning 15 out of our last 20 games and won our league."
-- Adam Ndiaye, UC Santa Barbara

"I played for Coach Wilson between the years of 1999 and 2003 while we were both at UCSB. But, I have known him since I was a 16-year-old junior in high school.  Coach Wilson was the quintessential players' coach. He worked specifically with my group, specializing in guard play and development. He was always successful in motivating us and had a keen talent when it came to dealing with different player personalities. Coach Wilson brought his best day in and day out. We all knew he would be a D-1 head coach at some point, it was just a matter of time. He was a phenomenal recruiter, a dedicated coach, an exemplary family man and role model for us all."
-- B.J. Ward, UC Santa Barbara

"Coach Wilson was my mentor when getting into college. He basically got me through my four years of college basketball. He definitely motivated me to be a better basketball player. He was always there when you needed to get in the gym or if you needed advice about anything. There are so many memories of Coach Wilson and one thing he always told me when I was at the U of U was `Don't tell me, show me.' I live every day by that saying. Coach Wilson will do a great job as the head coach at Pepperdine. He is a natural leader, a motivator and a players' coach and he will be a great head coach."
-- Lawrence Borha, Utah

"When I first met Coach Wilson I knew he was special. As he recruited me to play for him, he was always genuine, sincere and cared about the players he coached. I was fortunate to play for Marty three years and I still speak to him on a regular basis. Today I consider him a coach, mentor and friend and I know he will be very successful at Pepperdine!"
-- Johnnie Bryant, Utah

"When Marty Wilson was my coach I felt a true connection of trust and a partnership that he had with all of us to push us to better on and off the court. He cared so much when we won or lost a game. We always did it together and it wasn't just the players and coach, it was a unit with him. He always seemed to get through to me and the other guys on what life and basketball were really about. That's what I remember the most!"
-- Shaun Green, Utah

"Marty was my favorite coach while I was at Utah. One thing that I remember was when I was first invited into Marty's home and saw a picture of him in a Pepperdine uniform jumping up to dunk the basketball. At first I could barely recognize him, secondly I was surprised he could jump that high. However, looking past the flat-top haircut, I then saw a glimpse of my former coach. At a later time I actually saw him dunk the ball again, which proves he still must have a few moves left. Nevertheless, in all seriousness, what made Marty such a great coach was that he could be your good friend off the court but when it was time to go to work, he would push you to be your best. Marty will be a great leader and coach at Pepperdine. He will push his players to unlock their talent within and lead them to accomplish their goals outside of basketball. Marty was always a stickler for expecting his athletes to be successful on and off the court. However, Marty's best attribute would have to be his family. I am lucky enough to still be friends with Marty, Myra, Jessica and Jalon. They were all so kind to befriend me while I was a student at Utah and if it wasn't for them I might have missed out on a few home-cooked meals. If you know Myra you will find that funny. I know Marty will be great at Pepperdine and I look forward to visiting him from time to time. He will be a friend for life."
-- Luke Nevill, Utah

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