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When Pepperdine Men's Volleyball Coach Marv Dunphy collected his 500th career victory on February 26, 2010, many people stepped forward to pay tribute his coaching career. Here's a collection of what people have had to say about Coach Dunphy, both on that occasion and over the years:

"Not only is Marv Dunphy one of the finest coaches of the sport of volleyball, but he is the kind of person any parent would love to have their youngster in his program. He is more interested in his player's life after volleyball than he is in their success in the sport itself."
John Wooden, Hall of Fame Basketball Coach

"Marv is a first-class guy. He always has good input; he is very reliable and very dignified and knowledgeable. He really is an all-around good guy."
Al Monaco, President USA Volleyball

"Marv is one of the most respected coaches in the country. He has a unique passion for teaching and boundless energy. He enjoys working one-on-one with players to develop their skills and never stops teaching."
Dr. Doug Beal, CEO USA Volleyball

"Marv is a wonderful friend and when he is your friend, he is a friend for life. He honestly cares about you and your well-being. There is a wonderful presence about him and his presence is very commanding. Marv comes from a great volleyball background and is a marvelous volleyball coach."
Dr. Carl McGown, Former U.S. National Coach

"One of the greatest things about Marv is the way he carries himself. He is a very classy guy with integrity who is always poised. He is a great example for those going into his program. I believe Marv is the best coach in college volleyball and was why I chose to go to Pepperdine. He is a straightforward guy who is honest with his players. If you trust him and listen to what he has to say, he can take you to the top like he did with us in 1992."
Dain Blanton, Former Player and Olympic Gold Medalist

"We used to call him `the maker of men.' Marv has great leadership qualities and we as players looked up to him as a mentor, not just in volleyball, but in life as well. We made a commitment to a higher standard and could look to him as an example of that standard."
Mike Blanchard, Former Player

"While we all recognize the magnitude of this career result it, to me, is more representative of Marv's commitment to hard work and great process. Every year the Waves are in the hunt because of the way he coaches and teaches the talented athletes who wisely choose to work under his tutelage. Congratulations to Marv, the program, and to Pepperdine University."
Hugh McCutcheon, U.S. National Team Coach

"Marv is a beacon in the volleyball coaching world. He has been a mentor to me for a long time and has helped me tremendously along the way in my career. As good as Marv is as a volleyball coach, he is an even better person. His character is an example to me of how to be as a coach, father and husband."
Rob Browning, Saint Mary's Women's Coach and USA Volleyball Assistant Coach

"Wow, `500'. I guess it doesn't surprise me that Marv has reached this incredible milestone as he is likely the hardest working and most committed person I have met in our sport. I feel honored to be one of the many people he has influenced in his storied career and wish him and his teams all the best on the road to `1000'."
Terry Danyluk, Alberta Head Men's Coach

"When I think about Marv and all he has accomplished as a coach, it goes much deeper than all the wins. He has influenced so many people not only in the volleyball community but outside as well. He certainly has had a strong influence on me and my coaching career. There are those few coaches that have made that great impact and Marv is one of them. So many of us coaches and people have learned from him and become better coaches because of him. 500 wins is a lot of wins, but I'm sure this was not high on Marv's list. However, it is another one of his many great accomplishments."
Jim McLaughlin, Washington Head Women's Coach and Former Pepperdine Assistant

"Marv can make you believe in yourself and attain things that you never thought you could. He has been my mentor and friend for over 30 years. He is a great leader and teacher who commands so much respect that you never want to let him down. This is a big reason why he has been such a successful coach. Marv has unique ability to build a team into a cohesive unit that far exceeds their individual talents. We all know that Marv will want to downplay his accomplishment because that is the way he is, but it is something to be celebrated. Marv, congratulations on your 500th win."
Rod Wilde, Former Player and Pepperdine Head Coach

"Marv, congratulations on 500 victories. People will acknowledge you for this milestone achievement, but the truth of who you are is not in the victories, but in the quality of the experience you have provided for those who have come to be known simply as `Waves.' Thank you for all you have done to enhance my life and the rest of the `Waves.' The journey is and continues to be a significant event in my life."
Peter Balding, Former Player

"I will never forget the time Bob Ctvrtlik and I beat Marv at Sports Trivia. There seemed to be a small discrepancy about the plural `s' needing to be added for the answer to be correct. Of course we were right, but I doubt Marv will ever admit to that. Success Breeds Success. I have had the opportunity to coach with, or play for, a number of great coaches through the years. Marv took that to a new level - and added Great Person to that as well. If you look at all of the lives that Marv has touched in one way or another, it is truly amazing. The coaches that are successful now (in either women's or men's volleyball) have Marv's stamp all over their programs. I feel truly blessed to have had such a great coach and person in my life both for sports reasons as well as life issues. Continued success with Pepperdine Volleyball as well as life. Thanks for your dedication and the excellence you have provided in so many lives."
Mike Fitzgerald, Former Player

"When I was around Marv I always felt special. Whether it was hanging out in his office, walking around campus or entering a hostile gymnasium -- the other players and I carried a huge sense of pride to be one of his guys. Marv had a way of making us feel invincible. We were confident and anxious to get into the big matches. His pre-match talks were full of good information on opponents, but much of the discussion centered on why Pepperdine was better. We just had to believe and execute and things would go our way. I'm extremely proud to have played a small role in Marv's distinguished coaching career."
Troy Tanner, Former Player

"Marv, you have had a profound effect on my life. One of my favorite quotes you used to tell us is that `giving anything but your absolute best effort is the ultimate risk because if you come up short, you have no excuses. But, it is the only way to achieve greatness.' Very profound and something that I use in my day to day life."
Rob Scott, Former Player

"Marv has been a tremendous teacher, coach and friend. His success speaks for itself, but his qualities as a man and a leader are what separate him from other great coaches. He has been a tremendous role model for the hundred of players who have been touched by him. My decision to attend Pepperdine has profoundly affected the course of my life and Marv Dunphy has been a major part of that growth."
Bob Ctvrtlik, Former Player

"Marv Dunphy was no question the most influential coach that I have had throughout my many years in playing volleyball. Marv was a major reason for me deciding to attend Pepperdine University in 1990 as he was just coming off of winning an Olympic Gold Medal as head coach of the U.S. National Team in the 1988 Olympics. Marv taught how to focus, train, compete and win all at the same time while being classy, sportsmanlike and respectful of your opponents and the game. Marv's presence demanded respect and he always got the most out of his players that wanted and aspired to be the best. His winning ways won us a title in the 1992 National Championships and he instilled in me those qualities that I tried to play with throughout my beach volleyball career culminating in a Gold Medal victory in the 2000 Olympic Games on Bondi Beach in Australia attended by Marv himself. I have always been proud to be a product of Marv Dunphy. It is no surprise that he is eclipsing the 500 victories. For Marv I am sure it is just the beginning. Congratulations!!"
Dain Blanton, Former Player

"Marv is the most influential person in the sport of volleyball. He taught me to be a great person first and a volleyball player second. It takes a great leader and person to make the impact that Marv has had on my life and every other athlete that has ever played for him. Marv is an exceptional role model for anybody and can remember a name and a face any time of day. Congratulations on your 500th win and being who you are!"
George Roumain, Former Player

"There is no one's gym I would rather be in than Marv's. His ability to develop young people into great volleyball players and incredible young men is unmatched. I was fortunate to be a part of his teams here at Pepperdine and later in my life with the National Team. He was a big part of my professional and personal development. Five-hundred is merely a number; it's the people that have come out of this program that are the real achievement."
Kevin Barnett, Former Player

"Marv is the best in the volleyball business. He's a great teacher, coach, and mentor and I have been blessed to have Marv's voice in my life not only as a young student-athlete, but also as a coach. Scott Rigg and the 1985 national championship team couldn't have said it better when they said that he `makes men out of boys'. He has deeply touched my life, the lives of all of his 27 teams he has coached at Pepperdine University and the many other people that he has interacted with along the way throughout his career. Congratulations Marv on another wonderful achievement!"
Scott Wong, Former Player and Assistant Coach

"Marv is a man that I will always respect and will always be slightly scared of even though I know I shouldn't be. In four years of playing volleyball, I never heard him yell or even seem too angry, yet every time he spoke all eyes and ears were glued to him because you didn't want to miss a word he was saying. Outside of all the amazing volleyball knowledge I learned from Marv, there are two life lessons that I also learned: 1) You have to be early to be on time. 2) Wash your hands."
Brad Keenan, Former Player

"There's no way that I could ever pay back Pepperdine University and Marv Dunphy for everything they have given to me. I feel that one of the big reasons I am the player and man I am today is because of Pepperdine University and especially Marv Dunphy. My playing career has taken me all over the world and I have yet to have a coach as knowledgeable, personable and fair as Marv. I'd like to stress that there's no secret to Pepperdine's volleyball success over the years. Boys who want to come to Pepperdine and play volleyball don't do it for economic reasons; don't get me started on the tuition rates, they don't come because of the beach and the ocean, as beautiful as it looks it's still freezing cold, and they most certainly don't do it for the traditional 'college' experience. Everyone I played with and probably most of the players before and after me go to Pepperdine for one reason: Marv. So many of the tools that I still use today I learned from Marv while I was at Pepperdine. Most of you would think I'm talking about volleyball tools, but I mean life tools. I could go on and on about the things I learned from Marv but I know he's probably shaking his head and waiting until he can get back to his office and make some PR calls. One of which would be to my mother, Maggie Winters, up in Vancouver who he regularly calls just to say hi. I know Marv doesn't even want this recognition or acknowledgment and would prefer to go about his day to day business trying to make the waves better but he definitely deserves it and I can't think of anyone more deserving...Congratulations on 500 Marv!"
Fred Winters, Former Player

"I am so happy for Marv reaching this milestone. I have never had a coach impact my life the way Marv did during my years at Pepperdine. I find it interesting and helpful that I still to this day will be in a situation on or off the court in Japan, Brazil, Siberia or Italy, where I consider how Marv would encourage `The Waves' to act. It is truly an honor to have been coached by him and also to be a part of some of those 500 wins."
Sean Rooney, Former Player

"Congratulations Marv on 500 wins! I'm so blessed and honored to have somehow been a part of a few of the wins. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your success. It is one thing to have had some of the best success ever as a coach on the court, but it is another thing to have had such a positive and lasting impact on the hundreds of volleyball players who have come through your program."
Jonathan Winder, Former Player

"Thank you for everything you have done for my development as a volleyball player, a leader and as a person. Choosing to play volleyball for you is easily the best and most influential decision I have made in my life."
Paul Carroll, Former Player

"Congratulations on your 500th career win. We wish we could have been there to witness this extraordinary accomplishment. You are a dedicated coach, mentor and ambassador for the sport. There will be many more wins to come in your career and we will always be a fan of Marv Dunphy."
Greg and Mary Keenan, Parents of Brad Keenan

"Marv, Congratulations on reaching the 500 win mark! Moreover, we want to thank you for what this accomplishment means with respect to all the boys on all your teams (and one in particular) that you have mentored. You have served as a role model helping to form so many successful young men. Again congrats and we wish you many more!"
Mike and Carol Rooney, Parents of Sean Rooney

"I am privileged to have had a son coached under Marv Dunphy. Marv has this quiet strength that looks into these young men's lives to make them great team players, great influencers, great men. Marv is well respected not only by the players, but by all the parents as well. What you see is what you get with Marv -- a humble heart, a gentle motivator, a positive encourager, and a care and concern for each player and parent."
Jean Winder, Mother of Jonathan Winder

"In regards to Marv and his affect on our family, from the first moment that he came into our lives we were convinced that he was a man that could be trusted with our youngest son, Paul. Those initial thoughts were proven correct during the four years that Paul was directed through his college volleyball career by the most gifted volleyball coach, Marv Dunphy. Paul was converted by Marv from a gangly talented young boy to a mature young man and a finely tuned athlete. On the rare occasions that we parents made the pilgrimage to see our boy play, we were always treated as V.I.P.'s by Marv, his staff and his team. Congratulations to Marv and his 500 wins."
Trevor and Mathilde Carroll, Parents of Paul Carroll

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