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The Athletic Training Center delivers sports medicine services to over 250 student-athletes at Pepperdine University. The services that we will deliver are of three types: injury prevention, management of athletic injuries, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. In addition, whenever possible, we will strive to integrate education about athletic injuries to our student-athletes, coaches and parents so that our athletes can participate injury-free and live healthy, energetic lives. We are committed to using whatever technology and techniques that are available and affordable in the delivery of these services. We will remain committed to the continuous upgrade of the equipment/techniques used in the delivery of sports medicine services so that our student-athletes will receive the most modern care available in the area.

The purpose of our program is fourfold. First we hope to allow easy access to sports medicine services for our Pepperdine student-athletes. Second, we hope to encourage a philosophy within our coaching staff that places a high value on health, wellness and proper care of injured athletes. Third, we hope to enable injured student-athletes to return to their sports as soon is medically safe. Finally, we hope to achieve reduction in athletic injury risk through a variety of prevention techniques including pre-participation screening, focused evaluation and individual training programs, national injury prevention programs and on-site risk assessment.

The underlying philosophy for the athletic training center is the same as that for the athletic department; that is, the needs of the student-athlete shall always be the first consideration for all members of the athletic training staff. Furthermore, we expect our certified athletic trainers who will be providing these services to maintain the highest standards of quality consistent with the National Athletic Trainers' Association Code of Professional Practice and the credentialing statutes of the State of California.

We are committed to ongoing evaluation of our program from Pepperdine University, our athletic department staff, coaches, and team physicians so that our student-athletes can be assured of the highest quality in sports medicine care. Furthermore, we are committed to addressing problems and concerns in a timely manner so that we can continue to meet the needs of our student-athletes.

Finally, the Pepperdine University Athletic Training Center aspires to be a program of recognized excellence. We trust that the university will provide our program the human and financial resources necessary to accomplish the stated goals of the program. We desire to establish the Pepperdine University Athletic Training Center as a model for sports medicine services in not only the West Coast Conference but on a national level.


Athletic trainers (ATs) are highly qualified allied health care professionals who are educated and experienced in dealing with the health care problems of the physically active population. ATs are medical experts in preventing, recognizing, managing, and rehabilitating injuries that result from physical activity. Athletic trainers can help you avoid unnecessary medical treatment and disruption of normal daily life. Skills vary from providing first aid for lacerations and abrasions, applying preventative taping and wrapping, using therapeutic modalities, custom building special injury equipment, rehabilitating injuries, and aiding in the conditioning and reintegration of the athlete into team practices following injury. In addition ATs communicate with team physicians, coaching staffs, administrations and the athletes regarding an athlete's physical condition and their ability to compete safely. ATs working under the direction of a licensed physician are an essential and integral part of any complete health care program.

Athletic Training has been recognized as an allied health care profession by the American Medical Association (AMA) since 1990. There are over 40,000 ATs employed nationwide in a wide variety of settings. The National Athletic Trainers' Association, Inc. (NATA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the athletic training profession. Athletic trainers have, at minimum, a bachelor's degree in athletic training, health, physical education or exercise science. In addition ATs study human anatomy, human physiology, biomechanics, exercise physiology, athletic training, nutrition and psychology/counseling. To become certified as an athletic trainer, individuals must earn a degree from an accredited athletic training curriculum and must successfully complete the NATA Board of Certification Examination.

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