Student-Athlete Information

The Sports Medicine staff would like to welcome all new and returning student-athletes to Pepperdine University. The Athletic Training Center and the certified athletic training staff are here exclusively to care for the intercollegiate athletes' injuries and/or illnesses.

Each year student-athletes must be cleared by the Pepperdine University sports medicine team physicians and certified athletic trainers for participation. The medical history and insurance information forms required by all student-athletes for clearance will be released via the BlueOcean online system during the summer months. Student-athletes will receive an e-mail notification via their Pepperdine University e-mail to sign in and complete the paperwork by the date specified. New and returning athletes must complete updated forms each year.


  1. Policies and Procedures
  2. Notice of Privacy Practices
  3. HIPAA Consent and Notice Short Form
  4. Drug Education - Testing Policy and Consent
  5. Concussion Management Protocol
  6. Pepperdine Emergency Action Plan
  7. Mental Health Emergency Action Plan
  8. EKG and Sickle Cell Information for Incoming Athletes
  9. NCAA Injury Surveillance Program Information
  10. California Newborn Sickle Cell Screening Results Request
  11. New Student-Athlete "Blueocean" Registration Instructions
  12. Returning Student-Athlete "Blueocean" Recovery Instructions


Mental Health and Wellness Module


The NCAA Drug-Testing Program was created to protect the health and safety of student-athletes and ensure that no one participate might have an artificially induced advantage or be pressured to use chemical substances. This program is in harmony with Pepperdine's mission.

When you arrive at Pepperdine you will be fully introduced to this program. However, it is important that you have access to particular information regarding "banned drugs" and "nutritional supplements" before your arrival on campus.

It is in your best interest to educate yourself about "banned drugs" and the details of nutritional supplement use. In order to assist you, we would direct your attention to two comprehensive websites sponsored by the NCAA and the National Center for Drug Free Sport:

The banned substance lists within the above websites provided do not eliminate the student-athlete's responsibility to comply with Pepperdine policies that may extend beyond this list and can be found in the Seaver College Student Handbook.

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