Catching Up with the Waves: Dori Lansbach

Dori Lansbach

Jan. 9, 2012

This week we caught up with redshirt sophomore Dori Lansbach, a transfer from North Florida who has seen her first action in a Waves' jersey this season. We discussed the start of West Coast Conference play, getting a chance to suit up for the Waves and her class schedule as she and her teammates started the new semester today!

We're off to a good start in conference play; we are 3-1. We have beaten San Francisco, Santa Clara, and most recently Portland, with our only loss to Gonzaga. Currently we are sitting towards the top of the West Coast Conference, and have well over half of our conference schedule to go through. There is still plenty of time to improve and stay at the top of the conference standings. The focus of the team is definitely different in conference play. Although, we like to go into every game with the same level of concentration and energy, conference play does call us to bring a higher level of focus, or "zoom-focus" as Coach Julie likes to call it, where we have a mindset in which there are specific goals we must strive to accomplish in practice and in the games. This half of the season is what determines where we finish going into the conference tournament. All of the teams are at their best during conference play, therefore we must be as sharp as possible in order to win every game.

The main differences between playing conference games on the road versus conference games at home are that we're not on our home court and we don't have our fans; it's always preferable to be playing on your home court where you have more people supporting you, but these games give us an opportunity to rely on one another more and bond together. Another difference is that when we're at home, we don't have to go through the lengthy process of traveling. When we're away there's a higher level of focus due to the physical and mental fatigue of traveling. I would say that this season my level of excitement has changed tremendously knowing that I can play in the games.

It's a great feeling to know that I can contribute to my team in the games as well, versus solely in practices. The transfer rule is definitely a tough one because I had to sit out a full year, but last year really helped me to be motivated to play this season.

With the new semester starting, I am really excited to start my new classes. The Christmas break was nice because we only had to focus on basketball, but I am refreshed and ready to get back to work in the classroom as well. Also, conference play really heats up during the second semester as we gear up for the conference tournament in Las Vegas, Nev. My teammates and I are committed and excited to make every effort to win the West Coast Conference Championship and head into the tournament at the top spot.

This semester I am taking mostly general education requirements and one education class for my Elementary Education major. I will be in French, Political Science, Religion, Math for Elementary Teachers, and ironically, a basketball class (hopefully I do pretty well in that one).



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