Catching Up With the Waves: Tessa Emerson

Tessa Emerson

Feb. 9, 2012

We caught up with freshman forward/center Tessa Emerson, to see how her freshman season in Malibu is going. We talked about her classes, what a day in her life looks like, the transition to college basketball and West Coast Conference play.

I cannot believe how fast freshman year is going. I am taking Sociology, Political Science, Film and Religion 102 this semester.

A typical day for me will start by eating breakfast and then I am either in class or in study hall down in the gym. Then without a doubt before practice I will have a nice big lunch. Following practice most days I have class, so I grab some dinner and head to class. Basically a system of eat, go, eat go... Then after my day of duties is officially over I chill in my room doing homework, talking with friends or sleeping.

The leap from high school to college ball is always going to be a big one for any player. But I came in with truly realistic expectations and I am extremely blessed to be here.

We are always pumped and ready to play any team we face. The only real difference between conference and nonconference is that our older players and coaches know a lot about the teams in our conference, so for me it is a lot of learning.



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