Waves Take Gold and Silver Bracket at Sand in the City

Kelley Larsen and Kellie Woolever

March 30, 2014

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ATLANTA – The #1 Pepperdine sand volleyball team owned both the gold and silver brackets at the Sand in the City pairs championship. Both brackets featured an all-Pepperdine final, with Kelley Larsen and Kellie Woolever winning the gold title, and Katie Messing and Emily Cook crowned winners of the silver bracket.

It was the third pairs title for Team Kell(i)ey, comprised of senior standouts Larsen (Jamul, Calif./Christian HS) and Woolever (Long Beach, Calif./Woodrow Wilson HS). The duo topped teammates Becca Strehlow (Long Beach, Calif./Woodrow Wilson HS/UCLA) and Lara Dykstra (Redondo Beach, Calif./Redondo Union HS/Nebraska) in the finals 23-21, 21-12.

Larsen and Woolever had previously won back-to-back pairs titles at the USAV Beach Collegiate Challenge in Chula Vista in both 2013 and 2014.

The gold bracket featured the No. 1-3 pairs from the four tournament participants: #9 Georgia State, College of Charleston, Louisiana Monroe and the #1 Waves. The silver bracket included the remaining pairs from the four different lineups.

The silver final saw the Waves’ No. 4 team of Messing (The Woodlands, Texas/The Woodlands HS) and Cook (Huntington Beach, Calif./Murrieta Valley HS) edge out the No. 5 squad of Taylor Racich (Santa Barbara, Calif./Dos Pueblos HS) and Sophie Asprey (Southlake, Texas/Liberty Christian School/Tulane) 21-17, 21-18 for their first career title.

All three Pepperdine pairs in the gold bracket advanced out of the round of 16, including Larsen and Woolever, Dykstra and Strehlow, and Caitlin Racich (Santa Barbara, Calif./Dos Pueblos HS) and Delaney Knudsen (Valencia, Calif./Valencia HS).

Racich and Knudsen upset the No. 2 team of ULM, Hadley Swartz and Michelle McNamee, 21-19, 2-17 in their first-round match.

Larsen and Woolever, Pepperdine’s No. 2 tandem, and No. 1 Dykstra and Strehlow posted straight-set wins in the quarterfinals, while Racich and Knudsen fell against GSU’s top team.

Cook and Messing were awarded a first-round bye in the silver bracket, while Taylor Racich and Asprey downed Panther pair Jessica Fourspring and Molly Smestad 21-16, 21-14.

En route the finals, Cook and Messing won in straight sets in both the quarterfinals and semifinals.

Asprey and Racich shut out Kari Fidelholtz and Catey Warren of the College of Charleston in the quarterfinals before outlasting GSU’s Delaney Rohan and Alexis Townsend in three.

The Waves compete in just one dual next week, hosting #5 Long Beach State on Thursday, April 3. First serve on Zuma Beach is scheduled for 1 p.m.

Pairs | Sand in the City
March 30, 2014 | Atlanta, Ga.
Gold Bracket
Round of 16

Lara Dykstra/Becca Strehlow (PEP 1), bye
Blanca Ocana/Hope Pawlik (ULM 3) def. Emily Neideffer/Kara Howley (CoC 2) 21-19, 22-20
Delaney Knudsen/Caitlin Racich (PEP 3) def. Hadley Swartz/Michelle McNamee (ULM 2) 21-19, 21-17
Moriah Bellissimo/Katie Madewell (GSU 1), bye
Melissa Morello/Darcy Dorton (CoC 1), bye
Kelley Larsen/Kellie Woolever (PEP 2) def. Katelyn Rawls/Sarah Agnew (GSU 3) 21-17, 21-9
Sara Olivova/Jansen Button (GSU 2) def. Sloane White/Andi Zbojniewicz (CoC 3) 21-16, 21-16
Marcela Araya/Zuzana Markova (ULM 1), bye

Lara Dykstra/Becca Strehlow (PEP 1) def. Blanca Ocana/Hope Pawlik (ULM 3) 21-14, 21-12
Moriah Bellissimo/Katie Madewell (GSU 1) def. Delaney Knudsen/Caitlin Racich (PEP 3) 21-13, 21-16
Kelley Larsen/Kellie Woolever (PEP 2) def. Melissa Morello/Darcy Dorton (CoC 1) 21-9, 21-14
Marcela Araya/Zuzana Markova (ULM 1) def. Jansen Button/Sara Olivova (GSU 2) 26-24, 21-17

Lara Dykstra/Becca Strehlow (PEP 1) def. Moriah Bellissimo/Katie Madewell (GSU 1) 21-15, 21-18
Kelley Larsen/Kellie Woolever (PEP 2) def. Marcela Araya/Zuzana Markova (ULM 1) 21-15, 14-21, 15-8

Kelley Larsen/Kellie Woolever (PEP 2) def. Lara Dykstra/Becca Strehlow (PEP 1) 23-21, 21-12

Silver Bracket
Round of 16:
Katie Messing/Emily Cook (PEP 4), bye
Kallie McKown/Maddie Hills (CoC 5) def. Kayla Kane/Kaitlynn Hufstetler (ULM 6) 21-16, 21-8
Alexis Elmurr/Karlee Kavanaugh (GSU 7) def. Kaitlyn Shearer/Celine Flores (ULM 5) 13-21, 21-18, 15-12
Milani Pickering/Natalie Wilson (GSU 4), bye
Kari Fidelholtz/Catey Warren (CoC 4), bye
Taylor Racich/Sophie Asprey (PEP 5) def. Jessica Fourspring/Molly Smestad (GSU 6) 21-16, 21-14
Delaney Rohan/Alexis Townsend (GSU 5) def. Ashley Watson/Grace Rebarchak (CoC 6) 21-9, 21-15
Alannah Cullum/Rachel Arnason (ULM 4), bye

Katie Messing/Emily Cook (PEP 4) def. Kallie McKown/Maddie Hills (CoC 5) 21-17, 21-9
Milani Pickering/Natalie Wilson (GSU 4) def. Alexis Elmurr/Karlee Kavanaugh (GSU 7) 21-14, 21-16
Taylor Racich/Sophie Asprey (PEP 5) def. Kari Fidelholtz/Catey Warren (CoC 4) 21-16, 23-21
Delaney Rohan/Alexis Townsend (GSU 5) def. Alannah Cullum/Rachel Arnason (ULM 4) 21-14, 21-11

Katie Messing/Emily Cook (PEP 4) def. Milani Pickering/Natalie Wilson (GSU 4) 21-11, 21-13
Taylor Racich/Sophie Asprey (PEP 5) def. Delaney Rohan/Alexis Townsend (GSU 5) 21-19, 14-21, 15-13

Katie Messing/Emily Cook (PEP 4) def. Taylor Racich/Sophie Asprey (PEP 5) 21-17, 21-18



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