The Pepperdine Pom Squad is the face of Pepperdine school spirit. Performing at all men's and women's home basketball games, special appearances, volunteering in the community, and traveling to the West Coast Conference Men's & Women's Basketball Tournament each year in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Pom Squad supports the Waves as a competitive dance team and spirit squad.

The Pom Squad is a close-knit group, made up of dynamic members visible in all aspects of campus life, including Dance in Flight, Relay for Life and Greek life, among others. If you are interested in joining the Pepperdine Pom Squad, we invite you to review the information below. For specific questions, please contact Head Coach, Leslie Bauman at Go Waves!

September 7, 2016 FROM 6:30-10PM      IN HITS FITNESS STUDIO.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Pepperdine Pom Squad is to uphold the tradition and character of Pepperdine University and its athletic department. It will strive to not only instill tradition, but abide by the University's mission of being committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and Christian values, preparing squad members for lives of purpose, service, and leadership.

The Pepperdine Pom Squad will consistently work hard, practice and perform with heart, be dedicated and develop teamwork. The pom squad will strive to create an exciting in-game atmosphere and increase crowd participation, while maintaining an environment of good sportsmanship and pride in the University among students, faculty, staff, alumni and patrons.

The Pepperdine Pom Squad will abide by all rules and regulations as set forth by the institution, governing conferences and the NCAA.

Squad Description

Since its creation in 2005, the Pepperdine Pom Squad (formerly the Pepperdine Dance Team) has historically consisted of anywhere between 10-17 members. These numbers fluctuate from year to year given the needs of the team. As technique and uniformity are important components to maintaining a successful team, members chosen should have a good foundation and understanding of technical dance terms to build from.

2016-2017 Audition Information

All those interested in participating in the 2016-2017 season must attend Pom Squad Auditions on Wednesday, September 7th from 6:30-10:00PM in HITS Fitness Studio. Please read through ALL audition information and bring with you the completed Pom Squad Audition Packet.

Squad Benefits
  • 1 unit of P.E. credit per academic year, for up to three years
  • Uniforms and equipment provided
  • Access to Athletic Department Nutritionist
  • Travel expenses paid for WCC Men's & Women's Basketball Championship Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Performance opportunities

Academic Status and Eligibility

Candidacy for a position on the 2016-2017 Pepperdine Pom Squad is contingent upon remaining a full-time student in good academic standing, with an overall grade point average of at least 2.5 from the date of auditions and throughout the duration of the two semesters covering the athletics seasons.

Students who drop below the minimum hours required to be considered a full-time student or whose GPA falls below a 2.5 may be benched for the remainder of the semester.

Teamwork, Conduct and Attitude

The Pepperdine Pom Squad is a representation of the University and the Pepperdine Athletics Department. As such, members of the Pom Squad will not engage in smoking, drinking, or drugs. Any such activity will not be tolerated including off-campus activities. Failure to abide by these expectations will result in removal from the squad.

All members must show respect for the coach, advisor, captains, and other squad members at all times. A member may be pulled from a performance at any time if they are displaying a poor attitude toward choreography, captains, another member, or the choreographer. Once removed, a member must earn the right to return to the performance. Members must be of good character and remember that they represent the mission and values of Pepperdine.

Practice, Games and Appearances

While academic success is the first priority, the accomplishment of the squad depends on members attending all practices, games, and appearances. Squad members will receive class credit for attendance and participation at all practices and will be evaluated on a Pass/Fail grading system.

Practice and Games

  • Pom Squad practices are held three times a week with each session lasting two to three hours. It is understood that an advanced skill level in dance is expected in order to be a part of the Pepperdine University Pom Squad program. Practice time will primarily be used to work on synchronization, clarification, formations, teaching and learning of new material.
  • It is crucial and mandatory that members work outside of practice to help enhance the following: execution/technical ability of all skills, flexibility, building stamina, and maintaining/toning physical fitness.
  • If a member begins to develop a pattern of tardiness or excessive occurrences of leaving practice early, this person will be warned. If the habit does not improve, the member will be removed from the squad.
  • The Pom Squad is required to perform at all men's and women's home basketball games. Members are required to be at every practice on time, with a good attitude. On non-practice days, members follow a prescribed workout schedule.


  • Uniforms and other Pom Squad apparel must be kept neat and clean. Members are responsible for the upkeep of the items while in their possession and must be returned at the end of the academic year. All uniforms are the property of Pepperdine University.
  • Uniforms shall not be worn for any activity except for performances unless decided upon by the Pom Squad coach and captains.
  • All body tattoos must be covered for games and appearances. Unless approved by the coach, body jewelry of any type is not allowed for games, practices, or appearances.
  • Game day appearance - Pom Squad members will be required to wear makeup and have hair done appropriately for all home games and appearances.



The Pom Squad will have the opportunity to travel to the WCC Men's & Women's Basketball Championship Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada which typically takes place in early March.

The coach will determine traveling squads. Positions on the team will be determined based on recruiting, skills, attitude, academic standing, and seniority. The size of the squad traveling will be determined based on budget restrictions and in accordance with the WCC, the NCAA, and the Pepperdine Athletic Department's rules and regulations.  

Financial Commitment

The University has a predetermined budget that will serve as the primary financial source for the squad; however, there may be times when squad members are called on to fundraise* or pay for certain items/events.

*All squad members are required to participate in the Mini Waves Dance Clinic fundraiser.


The Pom Squad Captain will be nominated by the Pom Squad from the previous year and decided by the Coach.  For 2016-2017, the Pom Squad Captain is Esther Cha. 

Pom Squad Contacts

For all Pom Squad inquiries, campus visits and donations, please contact:


Leslie Bauman, Pom Squad Coach

Pepperdine University Athletics

24255 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90263


2016-2017 Pepperdine Pom Squad Returners

Esther Cha

Major: Accounting    

Courtney Ruud-Johnson

Major:Sports Administration



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