Pepperdine Student-Athlete Awards

Beginning in 2008, an annual Student-Athlete awards ceremony was established in order to recognize the achievements of our student-athletes at the end of each school year.

Recognition is given for the Scholar-Athlete of the Year, the Wave of the Year and the Maurice Hilliard Award. The Wave of the Year recognizes a student-athlete for their outstanding spirit and support of Pepperdine's athletic programs. The Maurice Hilliard Award is given to a student-athlete that exemplifies the attributes of Christian faith, character and leadership.

From 1984-2007, coaches and staff members with the Pepperdine University Department of Athletics voted on a single "Scholar-Athlete of the Year" and a "Coach of the Year." From 2008-12, an Athlete of the Year was chosen.

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Following is a comprehensive list of Pepperdine's award winners through the years:

Scholar-Athlete of the Year (Men's)
2008 Jonathan Winder, volleyball
2009 Shane Mason, golf
2010 Shane Mason, golf
2011 Matt Brown, water polo
2012 Matt Brown, water polo, and Don Martin, basketball
2013 Jesse Aston, cross country
2014 Malte Kramer, basketball
2015 Kevin DeHuff, golf
2016 David Pelekoudas, golf
2017 Aaron Barnett, baseball
2018 Kevin Maeda, cross country/track

Scholar-Athlete of the Year (Women's)
2008 Julie Rubenstein, volleyball
2009 Miranda Ayim, basketball
2010 Kelly Reilly, soccer
2011 Jessell Owens, swimming
2012 Karissa Garcia, soccer, and Klaire Korver, diving
2013 Brooke Fugate, swimming
2014 Kristin DeGrandmont, soccer
2015 Kristine Hilliard, soccer
2016 Hannah Turpin, track
2017 Izzy Connell, track
2018 Maddie Dilfer, beach volleyball

Scholar-Athlete of the Year
(only one award from 1984-2007)
1984 Greg Outcalt, men's swimming/water polo
1985 Paul Faries, baseball
1986 Peter Rohde, men's swimming
1987 Rick Hirtensteiner, baseball
1988 Stella Berkebile, women's volleyball
1989 Anna Brunstrom, women's tennis
1990 Stephanie Beiser, women's swimming
1991 Lesli Asplund, women's volleyball
1992 Cary Lothringer, men's tennis
1993 Nikki Brodowy, women's basketball
1994 Nina Eriksson, women's soccer and tennis & Evy Wild, women's swimming
1995 Alan Herrmann, men's water polo
1996 John Workman, baseball
1997 Gaylen Matsumura, women's golf
1998 Zsofia Csapo, women's tennis
1999 Angela Lawrence, women's tennis
2000 Rebecca Freebury, women's cross country
2001 Clint Olson, men's volleyball
2002 Jason Allred, men's golf
2003 Katherine Hull, women's golf
2004 Lyndsey Hache', women's volleyball
2005 Steve Kleen, baseball & Michael Putnam, men's golf
2006 Nick Kliebert, baseball
2007 Richard Johnson, men's tennis

Wave of the Year (Men's)
2008 J.D. Schleppenbach, volleyball
2009 Omar Altmann, tennis
2010 Tyler Jaynes, volleyball
2011 Tyler Jaynes, volleyball
2012 Daniel Moss, tennis
2013 Nicholas Candau, water polo
2014 Chris Hostetler, cross country
2015 David Pelekoudas, golf
2016 cross country team
2017 James Gehrels, volleyball
2018 Kevin Maeda, cross country/track

Wave of the Year (Women's)
2008 Emily Wynne, soccer
2009 Kayla Stolte, soccer
2010 Krista Friedman, volleyball
2011 Martine de Gannes, golf, and Myriah Stockman, soccer
2012 Myriah Stockman, soccer
2013 Caitlin Racich, sand volleyball
2014 Lynn Williams, soccer
2015 Lisa Santroch, cross country/track
2016 Meagan Harbison & Hannah Seabert, soccer
2017 Hannah Seabert, soccer
2018 Megan House, basketball

Maurice Hilliard Award
2012 Skye Barnett, women's basketball
2013 Jennifer Karson, women's soccer
2014 Jesse Aston, cross country
2015 Lorraine Guillermo, women's tennis
2016 Amanda Rowe, women's swimming
2017 Rachael Collins, women's soccer
2018 Adria Johnson, women's volleyball

Athlete of the Year (Men's)
(awarded from 2008-12)
     Andre Begemann, tennis
2009     Paul Carroll, volleyball
2010     Matt Bywater, baseball
2011     Sebastian Fanselow, tennis
2012     Sebastian Fanselow, tennis

Athlete of the Year (Women's)
(awarded from 2008-12)
     Sylvia Kosakowski, tennis
2009     Julie Rubenstein, volleyball
2010     Miranda Ayim, basketball
2011     Kim Hill, volleyball
2012     Kim Hill, volleyball

Coach of the Year
(awarded from 1984-2007)
1984     Gualberto Escudero, women's tennis
1985     Dave Gorrie, baseball
1986     Rod Wilde, men's volleyball
1987     Dave Gorrie, baseball
1988     Allen Fox and Richard Gallien, men's tennis
1989     Tom Asbury, men's basketball & Gualberto Escudero, women's tennis
1990     Nina Matthies, women's volleyball
1991     Tom Asbury, men's basketball
1992     Marv Dunphy, men's volleyball & Andy Lopez, baseball
1993     Kurt Schuette, men's golf
1994     Dick Kampmann, cross country
1995     Allen Fox, men's tennis & Pat Harrison, baseball
1996     Nina Matthies, women's volleyball
1997     John Geiberger, men's golf
1998     Terry Schroeder, men's water polo
1999     Laurie Gibbs, women's golf
2000     Jan van Breda Kolff, men's basketball
2001     Peter Smith, men's tennis
2002     Marv Dunphy, men's volleyball
2003     Laurie Gibbs, women's golf
2004     Nina Matthies, women's volleyball
2005     Marv Dunphy, men's volleyball
2006     Adam Steinberg, men's tennis
2007     Marv Dunphy, men's volleyball

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